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Is Hi-Fi Rush on Nintendo Switch?

Hi-Fi Rush is the surprise hit from the recent Xbox Developer Direct stream, but you may be wondering if Hi-Fi Rush is on Nintendo Switch too.

Is Hi-Fi Rush on Nintendo Switch: Chai with his hands behind his head in Hi-Fi Rush

If you’re hoping to be a future rockstar, then chances are that Hi-Fi Rush is the game for you. This rhythm-meets-Devil May Cry game is the latest from Tango Gameworks, which came as a shadow drop release during the most recent Xbox showcase. But for those not on Xbox, is Hi-Fi Rush on Nintendo Switch?

Those who are subscribed to Game Pass on PC or Xbox can get Hi-Fi Rush on Game Pass for no additional cost. However, those who don’t own these platforms may be wondering if they can meet the Hi-Fi Rush voice actors and cast on their console of choice.

Is Hi-Fi Rush on Nintendo Switch?

No, Hi-Fi Rush is unavailable on Nintedo Switch. The game is console exclusive to the Xbox Series X, as well as being available to players on PC. For those wondering if Hi-Fi Rush is on PS4 or PS5, the situation is the same.

It’s a shame that players who aren’t on Xbox Series X or PC can’t play the surprise hit. However, you can play the game on mobile devices with a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Now you know that Hi-Fi Rush is not on Nintendo Switch, you can make a choice whether to play it thanks to the Cloud or not. However, we have a guide on the best Nintendo Switch games so you don’t need to miss out on some great experiences on the platform.