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Hi-Fi Rush thanks fans for “continued support” with one final update

Following the closure of Tango Gameworks, the studio will release its last Hi-Fi Rush update to thank passionate players on PS5 and Xbox.

Hi Fi Rush final update: An image of Chai in Hi-Fi Rush.

With Microsoft’s recent dismissal of key Xbox studios, Hi-Fi Rush developer Tango Gameworks is unfortunately caught in the crossfire. The closure of the acclaimed studio is a massive loss for the industry, but despite the studio’s situation, the developers are leaving things on a high note. One final Hi-Fi Rush update is coming to PS5 and Xbox players, alongside the last preparations for its Limited Run Games physical release.

Hi-Fi Rush continues to be cited as one of the best Xbox games ever made, and recently debuted as a new PS5 game within Sony’s ever-growing library. Tango Gameworks hears this level of critical acclaim from players, expressing its admiration for the game’s community: “Thank you all for your continued support.”

Additionally, the studio says it is working on plans to “release the physical edition of Hi-Fi Rush with our partners at Limited Run Games, as well as a final patch to address some minor issues releasing later today.” The update is now live across PS5 and Xbox platforms, and it squashes some annoying bugs that have otherwise hindered its excellent gameplay.

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Here’s a rundown of what improvements you can expect:

  • (Track 01) During the “Dodge Attack” tutorial, there was a discrepancy between what Smidge said and the text. The text will <NOW DISPLAY CORRECTLY>.
  • (Track 01) Fixed an issue during the latter half of the 2D area whereby the camera would not follow Chai when the elevating lift falls
  • (Track 01) After reducing QA-1MIL to zero health, a collision issue would occur where players would fall out of the geometry. Chai will now properly fall to the ground, instead of into the abyss
  • (Track 02) Corrected a defect whereby if you touched Rekka during her electric charge, your final Rank would not correlate with the Chorus score
  • Some issues would occur when trying to use Macaron’s Gravity Well while Rhythm Parrying an enemy. Well, this is now fixed!
  • (Track 03) Cutscenes previously would not play correctly if a Health Tank was consumed during the fight with the HG-0G. Feel free to block a few more hits with your face because this bug is fixed!
  • (Track 01) We also QA’d some other issues during the QA-1MIL fight, particularly around transitions between phases

Elsewhere, the studio explains it has fixed numerous text-based issues, and has adjusted drink prices in “Vandelay vending machines to reflect local currency conversion.” The loss of Tango Gameworks, and three other Xbox studios, came as a surprise as it was revealed in the press – rather than from Microsoft itself.

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In the aftermath, Microsoft is trying to ease the situation with promises regarding Call of Duty’s leap to Game Pass. The closure of Tango Gameworks has led to positive review-bombing of Hi-Fi Rush, though. So, dive into the last update and keep on rocking in Tango’s honor.

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