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Halo Infinite skins are being hit by rampant inflation now

Halo Infinite skin prices have started to rise again and the Halo community isn't happy, but 343 say it's part of their experimentation and not universal

halo infinite skins inflation spartans holding weapons against blue and starry background

Halo Infinite hasn’t even been out a year yet, but the game and its playerbase have already seen countless fiascos, set backs, and controversies. The game’s free-to-play multiplayer is one such point of contention, as it relies on features such as the shop to generate money from players who buy armour skins, rather than asking them to pay for the game outright. The Halo community has been unhappy with the prices of these skins, and so 343 lowered their prices. But, evidence shows prices are back on the rise.

A Twitter user going by the name of ‘JoshsHaloMemes’ noticed a new armour bundle priced at 1700 credits on the Halo Infinite store. The prices for similar bundles were down to 1200 credits back in February due to player backlash over what was considered steep pricing. “343i is literally increasing the prices on armour bundles back to $20 as each week goes by,” they say in the tweet.

A ResetEra thread created by ‘LightKiosk’ has tracked the prices of Halo’s armour sets in the store as time has passed and found that almost each month has seen an increase in prices, even for less-rare armour. “After initial backlash, 343i lowered armour set pricing in the Halo Infinite shop to 1,200 credits from the original 2,000 credits,” LightKios says. “Players have noticed that over the weeks/months the pricing of armour sets has been steadily increasing back to that original 2,000 credits.”

To add even more intrigue to the story, 343 community director Brian Jarrard replied to questions about the price hike in a Twitter thread, saying that the increased price for this week’s set is due to the rarity and quantity of the bundle, and that it’s not a universal price hike. According to Jarrard, it’s part of 343’s desire to experiment and that shop feedback will be implemented, even if it will take some time.

Regardless of whether 343 truly doesn’t intend to hike the prices of its shop in a sneaky fashion as players have surmised, two things are clear: Halo Infinite could do without the drama, and we could all do with more money.