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Leaks suggest you can supersize Master Chief in Halo Infinite’s Forge

343 Industries’ Halo Infinite doesn’t have Forge just yet, but new leaks suggest crazy object scaling feature is coming to game series’ popular creative mode

Halo Infinite leaks Forge object scaling: Master Chief standing in front of the Halo ring

For a lot of players, the Halo game series’ Forge mode and Custom Games represent some of the best creative multiplayer experiences out there. We’re not alone when we say that a lot of fond memories have been made playing unofficial modes like ‘Monster Trucks’ and ‘Duck Hunt’, anyway. This nostalgia has played a part in why so many people found Halo Infinite something of a disappointment.

The gunplay is slick and it’s a feast for the eyes, but it’s missing something – and, understandably, people think that might be Forge. Thankfully, 343 Industries has confirmed that Forge mode is coming to Halo Infinite and new leaks suggest it’s going to debut with a wild new object scaling feature – among other innovations.

Shared on Twitter by ‘Mr_Rebs’, reportedly featuring original footage from YouTuber ‘Unseen Halo’, this new set of Halo Infinite Forge mode leaks is offering fans an early insight into the latest iteration of this iconic game mode – and there’s so much to look forward to.

The footage in question shows a number of beach-themed items on Behemoth, one of the more sandier Halo Infinite maps, and a suit of Spartan armour resembling the game’s protagonist: Master Chief. In an effort to showcase the extremities of this possible new object scaling feature, the footage then shows the player effectively supersizing the Master Chief armour until it’s larger than the map itself.

We know that sounds quite hard to believe, so you can check out this snippet of footage for yourself below:

The leaked object scaling feature in question doesn’t just let players make items bigger in Halo Infinite’s Forge mode. From what we can tell, players will also be able to manipulate the object’s scale on three separate axes: X, Y, and Z. This, as you may be able to make out in the above footage, means players will be able to stretch and warp objects to suit their exact needs.

At the moment, there’s not a lot of official information available when it comes to what players can expect to see from Halo Infinite’s upcoming Forge mode – hell, there isn’t even a concrete release date yet and the game itself has been out for well over six months now. Still, if the leaks are true and Halo Infinite is getting object scaling in Forge mode… We can see why it would take a while to get right. This feature looks hilariously good, but it also looks like one that could quite easily break the game.

Free object scaling isn’t the only new feature that could be coming to Halo Infinite’s Forge mode, when it eventually comes out, if the leaks are to be believed. There’s also talk of 343 Industries working on weapon combining, allowing players to transform existing firearms with new abilities and ammo types. It is, of course, worth taking all of this with a pinch of salt, but the future looks bright if all of what we’ve seen is true – and works well.

The Halo Infinite campaign co-op won’t join you at the hip with friends and Forge mode is looking bigger and better than ever before – is Halo Infinite finally on the way back? We can only wait and see. For now, if you’re looking for something to kill the time with, why not check out the best Xbox Game Pass games right here.