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One of Halo Infinite Forge’s most popular maps is just a massive troll

Halo Infinite Forge mode is now live, and one fan-made experience is baiting players who want to play one of the all-time great Halo maps

Halo Infinite Forge The Pit: A Spartan in green armor in Halo Infinite

Forge mode has finally launched in Halo Infinite, giving players thousands of assets and creator tools to make custom maps and experiences within the competitive FPS game. However, one of the most popular creations from the Forge beta’s first 24 hours has been trolling Halo players hoping to experience one of the all-time great Halo maps.

Before the launch of Forge and the Winter Update, 343 had teased that a futuristic Forge remake of Halo 3’s iconic multiplayer map The Pit would be coming to the game. While it was never billed to be coming with the Winter Update (Forge-made maps Argyle and Detachment have hit the multiplayer map pool, though), the Forge map browser currently shows an experience titled ‘The Pit’. At the time of writing, it is the fourth-most popular Forge creation (and that includes Argyle and Detachment).

Clearly, optimistic players are thinking this is the dazzling remake of The Pit that was teased – however, it is in fact a massive troll.

Loading into the map, you’ll be greeted with a pretty much empty grey box. In the centre is a massive hole, and at the bottom, spelled out in what look to be concrete posts, is the message: ‘wat a pity’.

While players will likely find the funny side, we’re sure it’s also frustrating to think you’re about to play an all-time great competitive FPS map, only to be baited.

We’re sure over the coming days and weeks Forgers will be making some mind-blowing stuff in the new mode, and that the remake of The Pit will hit the game eventually. However, for now, be wary of getting trolled.