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Halo Infinite Forge leaks are good news for Call of Duty Zombies fans

Halo Infinite Forge mode has leaked, and talented creators are already diving in to make some amazing CoD Zombies-inspired maps and mechanics

Halo Infinite Forge Call of Duty zombies: A screenshot of a Halo infinite remake of zombies map Nacht der Untoten, with a zombie imposed on top

For Call of Duty Zombies fans, no map is more packed with nostalgia than Nacht der Untoten – the original, close-quarters Zombies experience that was released with Call of Duty World at War in 2008. It’s made many more appearances in later CoD games, but now it’s even cropping up in Halo Infinite, thanks to one talented level designer who has recreated Nacht using the currently unreleased Forge mode.

Halo Infinite Forge mode is, officially, not meant to be available to players, but some wily foxes have been able to access an early version of the mode via the co-op flight that is currently being tested. Despite not being able to properly save and share creations or have a full suite of tools at their disposal, some incredible creations are being made by fans that have accessed the mode, and this Nacht der Untoten remake by ‘Infinite Forges’ is the latest in a long line.

Made over the course of a few hours during a livestream, Infinite Forges – who is also a level designer for Borderlands studio Gearbox – builds a gorgeous-looking rendition of Nacht der Untoten within the Big Team Battles map Deadlock.

While only the first room has been completed so far, the layout is pretty much a to-scale replica of the original. Thanks to Halo Infinite’s lighting, it also looks super eerie.

With its computer screens and heavy steel beams, there is a definite Halo aesthetic, but it’s unmistakably Nacht. A short preview can be found in this tweet, or the full livestream can be viewed below.

Other folks that have got their hands on Forge early have also been hard at work making some other Zombies inspired creations. We’ve so far seen barriers that can be broken down only by zombies, a Mystery Box filled with Halo Infinite weapons (that also swaps out the dreaded teddy bear with a mini Master Chief), and even a Pack-A-Punch machine.

With CoD Zombies levels and mechanics already being made at this very early stage, expect some absolutely mega experiences to be created when the actual Halo Infinite Forge release date rolls around later this year.