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Halo Infinite’s field of view setting makes Master Chief’s legs disappear

Halo Infinite field of view setting can cause Master Chief's legs to appear and disappear depending on how high you go

Halo Infinite field of view makes master chiefs legs disappear master chief shrugging

If you’ve ever been playing a match of Halo Infinite online, trying to slide into cover and dodge sticky nades, and looked down, you might have pondered the notion: why does Master Chief have no legs? Master Chief does have legs, you just have to know how and where to look for them.

In a Reddit post, user ‘Blazkowicz01’ has captured a video of the disappearing-leg phenomenon that plagues Master Chief’s lower half. It turns out that it’s all to do with the field of view settings in the game’s menu. Navigating to the video options in the video, Blazkowicz01 lowers their FOV while looking at the floor and the Chief’s legs suddenly appear. It turns out that 79 is the magic FOV number that makes the green guy’s legs appear. Once you hit 80, though – poof. Gone.

Field of view is a setting that changes the in-game camera’s perspective. It affects how much of the area surrounding the player is captured, most noticeably to the left and right. Increasing this setting gives the player a better view of their periphery at the expense of everything looking more squished together and smaller in the middle of the screen.

And it is this setting that makes the camera stop capturing the legs of Master Chief’s character model if it is set too high. This means those players seeking a competitive edge in Halo Infinite’s ranked mode likely never even knew that Spartan 117 had any legs at all, as their bid for the top spot will have caused them to increase their FOV to max before starting to play.

If you’re still playing Halo Infinite’s ranked mode, you’ll be glad to know that Season 2 is coming on May 3. There has been a delay to the campaign co-op mode though, which will now be added later on in Season 2’s timeline. This comes after esports pros took to Twitter to publicly decry the state of the game and lack of communication coming from 343 Industries.