Halo Infinite esports pros express growing frustrations with 343

Professional Halo Infinite esports pros have publicly expressed their frustrations with the state of the game and 343's silence

Halo Infinite esports pros: halo infinite characters and gameplay

News and updates surrounding Halo Infinite have been thin on the ground lately. Fans have been frustrated with the game’s roadmap delay and the radio silence from 343 on what is going on behind the scenes. Now, it seems frustrations are boiling over as professional Halo players are starting to publicly put pressure on 343 to say or do something about the game.

In a series of tweets gathered in a Reddit post, a group of Halo esports players have criticised the state of Halo Infinite all within a 24-hour period of each other in what appears to be a concerted effort to get 343’s attention.

“I’m sorry but Halo is so boring right now. They need new content, [it] feels like a beta still,” Cloud 9’s ‘Renegade’ says. “Hey what are you guys working on today” eUnited’s’s Tyler ‘Spartan’ Ganza directs at the Halo team. Continuing this trend, OpTic’s ‘Lucid’ states: “Halo Infinite and 343 are making me sad. That is all.”

SnakeBite’, a pro player from Sentinels, isn’t as reserved in his criticism, however. “How many tweets from different players, streamers and creators do you think it will take before we start FULLY heading in the right direction? I say fully because the potential is already there and that’s step 1. 10 years of mistakes… wake up and start being accountable”

FaZe’s ‘Snip3down’ is also overt about his frustration with Halo’s competitive system. “I have to use every fiber of self control to not come on here and roast the absolute shit out of the poor excuse for a ranked system Halo Infinite uses every day and it just makes me so sad.”

This comes after it was found that Halo Infinite’s tick rate is lower than CS:GO’s, and there have been plenty of issues with Halo Infinite ranked matches too, including the discovery that the game’s ranked MMR (CSR) could be affected by your performance in casual gameplay.

343 has so far not publicly responded to any of the pros players. It’s clear that players don’t appreciate the lack of transparency from the company after the numerous delays and issues that Halo Infinite has had since its launch before Christmas.