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Guardians of the Galaxy New Game Plus - what carries over?

We reveal all about Guardians of the Galaxy New Game Plus mode and let you know what you can expect to carry over.

Guardians of the Galaxy New Game Plus: All five guardians can be seen in the cockpit of their ship, looking at something out the window.

Guardians of the Galaxy‘s New Game Plus mode allows you to start a new playthrough of the game that brings your progress from your previous playthrough with you. With collectables and powers to unlock, this mode is a useful tool that allows you to remain at full power and experiment with different narrative choices in-game.

New Game Plus isn’t a new thing – plenty of games have the features these days – but the Guardians of the Galaxy game has a few caveats that mean you’ll be without a few things in your New Game Plus playthrough. New Game Plus in Guardians of the Galaxy is unlocked once you beat the game for the first time. You can then select the option from the main menu.

Read on to get the full overview of Guardians of the Galaxy and its New Game Plus mode, including what you will have to re-collect or re-earn when you begin a new playthrough in the mode.

Guardians Of The Galaxy New Game Plus

Guardians Of The Galaxy does have a New Game Plus mode. In New Game Plus, all of your unlocked abilities and outfits for all five Guardians will carry over, alongside all of your unlocked perks. On top of that, the majority of your Galactic Compendium will also carry over.

However, the one section of the Galactic Compendium that will not carry over is the Archives. You will have to re-collect these if you want to complete the Compendium or earn the Lore Hoarder trophy and achievement.

In addition to that, Star-Lord’s Elemental Shots will not carry over and you will need to reach the point of the story where they unlock to get access to them again. If you want to find out how to unlock them we have a guide on Guardians of the Galaxy elemental shots right here.

Guardians of the Galaxy’s New Game Plus mode is a great way to earn collectables in order to complete the Galactic Compendium, explore areas you didn’t see and make different choices. It is also an easy way to farm some of the miscellaneous trophies and achievements on weaker enemies.

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