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How long is the Guardians of the Galaxy game?

Looking to find out how long the Guardians of the Galaxy game is? We've got the answer for you right here

Guardians of the Galaxy length: All five guardians can be seen standing in a Nova Corps ship handcuffed, with guards around them.

Eidos Montreal has added to the growing Marvel games line-up with its take on the cosmic adventures of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Aptly titled Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the adventure focuses on all five members of the Guardians, as well as their allies and foes in the universe.

With Guardians of the Galaxy being a more traditional, linear adventure, the length of the game shouldn’t fluctuate too much depending on how you play. While there are secrets and hidden Guardians of the Galaxy outfits to find, you won’t be spending dozens of hours exploring off the beaten path.

So if you’re wondering how long the Guardians of the Galaxy game is, have no fear – we’ve got all the answers for you right here after spending a considerable amount of time with the game for our Guardians of the Galaxy review.

Guardians of The Galaxy game length

The Guardians of the Galaxy game length is around 10-15 hours depending on how quickly you work your way through each of the game’s levels and combat scenarios.

Our playthrough for our Guardians of the Galaxy review took about 13 hours, but you could get through the game faster if you decide not to chat with each of the Guardians at every moment.

While that length is quite short compared to a lot of other triple-A single-player games, Guardians of the Galaxy does offer some replayability as some narrative choices affect how some situations play out. There are also dozens of collectibles to hunt down.

That covers the Guardians of the Galaxy game length. For more help with Eidos Montreal’s latest, check out our Guardians of the Galaxy tips page.