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Guardians of the Galaxy elemental shots - how to unlock them

Find out how to unlock all of the Guardians of the Galaxy elemental shots to help you defeat your enemies in space

Guardians of the Galaxy How to Unlock and Get The Ice Element: Star-Lord can be seen meleeing an enemy with Gamora and Groot killing enemies behind him.

Guardians Of The Galaxy builds upon its combat with the addition of elemental shots that you can apply to Star Lord’s blasters. These elemental shots have a variety of effects on enemies, such as pulling them towards you, electrifying them, or freezing them. These shots are valuable tools that can help diversify your combat, assist you in building up your combo meter, and deal powerful damage to certain stronger enemies.

You’ll unlock four different types of Guardians of the Galaxy elemental shots as you work your way through the chapters. Each type – Ice, Lightning, Wind, and Plasma – will play a pivotal role in helping you vanquish your enemies and save the galaxy, so you’ll need to pay attention if you’re looking to beat the game in good time.

Read on to find out how to unlock the Guardians of the Galaxy elemental shots for Star-Lord’s blasters, which should help you out with the tougher boss fights in the first half of the game.

Guardians of the Galaxy Ice elemental shot

The Ice Element in Guardians of the Galaxy can be unlocked in Chapter 3 when exploring Seknarf IX. This element is naturally unlocked as you progress through the story, so it is impossible to miss.

The Ice Element is the first elemental shot you can unlock and will freeze enemies in place, increasing the damage they take, with the potential to kill them in one shot. On top of that, some enemies can even be shattered if you melee them while they are frozen in place.

This element will be important early on allowing you to freeze enemies that are weak to the Ice Element, increasing the damage they take.

Guardians of the Galaxy Lightning elemental shot

The Lightning Element is unlocked in Guardians of the Galaxy in the early part of Chapter 7. This element unlock can’t be missed as it is unlocked during a part of the story.

It is is one of the most valuable elemental shots in the game, stunning enemies and dealing sustained damage to them. It can whittle down enemy shields and also deal a fair amount of damage as well. Electrified enemies will completely stop attacking you in combat, allowing you to complete an objective or divert your attention to more powerful alien creatures.

This element is great for the larger fights that start to appear during the middle of the game, allowing you to control large groups of enemies.

Guardians of the Galaxy Wind elemental shot

Guardians of the Galaxy’s Wind Element can be unlocked in Chapter 10. This element is naturally unlocked as a part of the story, and is therefore impossible to miss.

The wind element is one of the elements which is also used for puzzles either pulling objects towards you or opening pathways that were previously sealed. When enemies are pulled towards you, they will be frozen in place, shocked by suddenly being transported through the air. This leaves them open for blaster shots, melee attacks, or free for combo kills with your other Guardians helping you out.

This element is incredibly useful at picking off single enemies from a group and finding all the Guardians of the Galaxy outfits.

Guardians of the Galaxy Plasma elemental shot

In Guardians of the Galaxy, the Plasma Element shot can be unlocked in Chapter 13. This element is unmissable as you unlock it as a part of the story.

These elemental shots are useful tools in combat that allow Star-Lord to disrupt the battlefield and deal a significant amount of damage in combat, beyond what his regular blasters are able to do. However, as with the other elemental shots, the Plasma Element will only be effective against certain enemy types, as some are resistant to its effects.

As mentioned, the Plasma Element is vital for some of the end-game fights and taking on tougher foes in battle.

That covers how to unlock all the Guardians of the Galaxy elemental shots. For more help while playing, take a look through our Guardians of the Galaxy tips page.