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GTA Online’s Criminal Enterprises lets you play both sides of the law

Rockstar Games' ever-popular online open-world action game GTA Online is getting another major content update - The Criminal Enterprises - and it looks great

Grand Theft Auto V GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update: an image of a man sat at a laptop in-game

GTA Online players have had to wait a little while for the next major update to Rockstar Games’ online open-world action sensation, but it’s finally here. It has announced that the next major title update for GTA Online will be titled ‘The Criminal Enterprises’ and build upon the robust business and mission system already in place – alongside implementing some important improvements to player experience and additional content (of course).

The Criminal Enterprises update, which is due to release for GTA Online on July 26, will feature improvements for Executives, Bikers, Gunrunners, and Nightclub Owners. However, the most interesting aspect of this update is the addition of Operation Paper Trail – a mission series that lets players work with the fictional IAA to investigate a criminal conspiracy brewing in Los Santos following the all-to-relevant oil price crisis.

Alongside this new mission series, players will now be able to launch any and all Business Activity missions in private mode – so, you can really focus on diving into the criminal underworld of Los Santos with your friends and Crew (or anyone else you decide to invite).

As for the specifics, every avenue of business in GTA Online will offer up something new for the players. Check out the new trailer below:

Executives can look forward to working with a new staff manager and a few new sources of special cargo for Source Missions. Bikers with a custom bike shop attached to their MC’s clubhouse will be able to modify clients’ bikes for GTA$ and RP alongside new Clubhouse Contracts. Gunrunners will have new daily delivery missions to make and two new Resupply Missions to look forward to. And, finally, Nightclub Owners can now talk to Yohan for a handful of new missions or Tony for two new Club Management missions. They will also be able to take a more active role in keeping their club clean with the ability to throw any troublemakers out.

With a handful of new weapons and vehicles to look forward to – alongside improvements to the existing customisation options available for older vehicles – there’s going to be plenty for players to spend their GTA$ on when The Criminal Enterprises launches for GTA Online on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

Rockstar Games has confirmed that more details will arrive on release date, but for now… All we can do is prepare for refreshed business experience in GTA Online – and plan with our Crew when we’re going to go undercover with the IAA! If you’re looking to prepare yourself, here’s a list of all the fastest bikes in GTA Online and all the fastest cars in GTA Online here.