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GTA Online players will get more bang for their buck in races soon

As part of the upcoming The Criminal Enterprises update, players will get an increased payout in races, adversary missions, and heists

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises races payout: Two race cars in a graffitied area

The free summer GTA Online update is just a few days away, and while we already know we’re getting plenty of new content, like a mission that’ll let you work for both sides of the law, the Criminal Enterprises update is also bringing a slew of quality of life updates that should mean you get more bang for your buck.

And that’s because The Criminal Enterprises update will increase the GTA$ payouts for a number of activities in GTA Online, giving you the freedom to play what you want without having to grind the spotlighted activity. Standard races – including player-created ones – will pay out an average of 50% more and the total prize pool for Premium Races will be increased so that those who place fourth and below will get a cut of it.

Adversary modes will be boosted by an average of 50%, which is perfect if you love slamming your friend’s car over the edge in Sumo like me. Heists will also get a 50% bonus, but it’s worth noting that the setup fees for these have been reduced and the minimum cut for all players in finales is now 15%.

This should encourage players to spend their time in Los Santos more freely, without feeling tied to specific playlists. It should also make making money in GTA Online ten times easier, especially when you consider they’ll be plenty more things to grind towards in the new update.

But that’s not the only thing that should give players more bang for their buck online. Once the update goes live, players will be able to engage in business activities, like sell missions, with their friends in invite only lobbies. This reduces the risk to businesses and allows players to run their business at their own pace. Friends will also be paid more for working for organisations and motorcycle clubs online.

The Criminal Enterprises update goes live on July 26. You can find a full summary of the changes – including the long awaited Oppressor nerf – coming to the game here.