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GTA Online update lets you gamble and party faster

There's a lot of new content in the GTA Online update for the Criminal Enterprises expansion, but there are some excellent quality of life changes too

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises: A woman with blonde hair and a grey suit jacket talks on the phone in GTA Online's casino

GTA Online’s Criminal Enterprises update has arrived, and while most people’s eyes are locked onto the mountain of new content, there’s one long-awaited, time-saving quality of life update that is being celebrated just as much as the new cars and missions: you can finally run in the casino.

Over the course of its life, GTA Online has sapped a lot of players’ in-game time by not allowing them to run in some of the game’s most-used indoor spaces, such as nightclubs or the casino – the trudge from the entrance to the blackjack table could often feel like an eternity…

It’s been a heavily-requested feature that players should be able to run around these indoor areas, and now finally their prayers have been answered. The patch notes for the GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update confirms that “players can now jog inside The Diamond Casino & Resort, The Music Locker, and Nightclubs instead of being fixed to walking only.”

Now, at least losing all your cash on the roulette wheel won’t take up as much time as it used to…

As well as this quality of life improvement, there are dozens more in the Criminal Enterprises update that should drastically improve the player experience in GTA Online.

One that was hinted at ahead of the update was a nerf to the Oppressor MK2’s overpowered homing missiles, which have been a bane to everyone’s existence in the game since the floating death machine was first introduced into the game a few years ago. Clips and comments from players online appear to show the nerf working, with the missiles no longer locking on as quickly or effectively.

Also, if someone does decide to light you up with their Oppressor, or any other weaponised vehicle, you’ll no longer have to pay a charge for destroying it. While blowing up an unarmed player-owned vehicle will still strip you of some GTA Online dollars, taking out lethal vehicles won’t.

There are a swathe of other changes and fixes arriving in this update that should make GTA Online – and your criminal shenanigans – far less frustrating.