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Gran Turismo 7 Roulette Tickets rewards, rarities, and how to earn them

Gran Turismo 7's Roulette Tickets offer a variety of rewards for you to earn. But how do the different rarities work and how can you earn Roulette Tickets?

Gran Turismo 7 Roulette Ticket: A car can be seen in a reflected garage

Gran Turismo 7 offers a number of ways to earn Credits and rewards, whether it be from Menu Books or winning races. But, one of the less friendly ways to earn rewards is through the different versions of Gran Turismo 7’s Roulette Tickets.

These Roulette Tickets work in a similar fashion to Forza Horizon 5’s Wheelspins, but with just five different rewards within them for you to earn, ranging from mediocre to exceptional. But, as with most lootbox-style systems, there are a few caveats and downsides to using a Roulette Ticket that mean you probably won’t be getting the rewards you want very often.

So, for an idea of how the system works, what you can get, whether or not it feels balanced, and information on the three different rarities of Roulette Tickets, check out our overview of Gran Turismo 7’s Roulette Tickets system below.

Gran Turismo 7 Roulette Tickets

Gran Turismo 7’s Roulette Tickets offer one of five different prizes to earn. These prizes include:

  • Small amount of Credits
  • Medium amount of Credits
  • Large amount of Credits
  • A car part
  • A new vehicle

These Roulette Tickets can also come in one of three different rarities, either one-star, two-star, or three-star Roulette Tickets. Each rarity offers increasingly better rewards.

They can be earned by completing menu books and championships at the Cafe, as well as by achieving other player milestones throughout your career.

From the dozen or so we’ve opened so far while working on our Gran Turismo 7 review, it does seem as if there are quite low odds of getting one of the better prizes. We are yet to bag a car part or new car, and only twice did we not earn the lowest amount of credits.

That covers everything there is to know about the Gran Turismo 7 Roulette Ticket system. For more on the game’s systems, check out all the Gran Turismo 7 Legendary cars in the game.