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Gran Turismo 7 glitch charges you 100,000 credits for, erm, nothing

A bizarre new Gran Turismo 7 bug sees the Hagerty Legendary Car dealership sell you absolutely nothing for 100,000 credits in the PS5 racing game

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Gran Turismo 7 may have somewhat smoothed things over with fans after being initially blasted for its rather stingy ecosystem, but a new bug is reminding players of the times where GT7 would do anything it could to rinse you for your hard-earned credits.

As spotted by numerous players on July 13, the Hagerty Legendary Car dealership – y’know, the one that sells those hideously overpriced classic cars based on real-life valuations – currently has a listing costing just 100,000 credits. ‘A bargain’, you may think to yourself, when compared to the astronomical prices of the vintage Porsches, Ford GTs, and Mercedes currently on offer.

The catch? Your 100,000 credits will get you, well, nothing. The listing is virtually blank, and shows no preview of the car, a manufacturer, or a model. It also shows the year as being -1, and the ‘car’ has a mileage of zero.

What’s worse is that this isn’t just a visual bug – you can actually go and purchase this listing for 100,000 credits. The animation of buying a Legendary vehicle will then play, with the doors of the showroom sliding open to reveal an invisible car driving out onto the forecourt.

After purchasing it, going to your personal car collection will reveal it has completely disappeared. Congratulations, you’ve just spent 100,000 credits on “fresh air”, as some players have put it.

While many have slammed the Legendary car prices set by Hagerty in Gran Turismo 7, flogging some 100,000-credit void is just a step too far.

We jest, of course, and this bug will likely be fixed soon. But until it does, don’t be tempted to drop all those credits on what might appear as some kind of exploit or mystery pick – you’ll have nothing to show for it.