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Gotham Knights Street Art locations

If you’re on the lookout for all Gotham Knights Street Art and mural locations, here’s where to find all 12 murals across the city's districts

Gotham Knights Street Art Locations: Red Hood can be seen looking at a piece of art

Looking for the Gotham Knights Street Art locations? If you’ve gotten to the point in the story in which Robin asks you to find murals across the city to help him with his project, you’ve come to the right place. This guide explains how to complete this challenge in Gotham Knights and tackle one of the multiple collectible types in the game.

Plus, the mural themselves are gorgeous and give a bit of backstory, too, so it’s definitely worth the trip around Gotham’s map. Of course, unless you want to play detective, you can consult the list below to know exactly where to go in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights Street Art Locations

There are a total of 12 Street Art pieces scattered in Gotham Knights scattered and the street art locations are across the map’s districts and found as murals on walls and buildings. The key districts and locations of each one are:

  • Bowery – Lyceum Mural street art
  • Tricorner Island – Gotham Piers mural
  • Old Gotham – Simpler Times mural
  • Robinson Park – The March of Crabs mural
  • Financial District – A Green Gotham mural
  • The Cauldron – Stolen Gotham mural
  • West End – Our Friend Joel mural
  • Otisburg – Origins of Evil mural
  • Bristol – See us mural
  • Gotham Heights – GCU mural
  • West End -Born This Way mural
  • The Cauldron – Faces of Gotham mural

Early on in the story, you gain access to the Collectibles menu, as well as a number of challenges for each collectible type. Robin will ask you to find 12 Street Art murals across Gotham, which are near highways, bridges, and alleyways. The order doesn’t matter, mind you, so feel free to tackle them while you’re patrolling the streets at your own leisure, or all at once using our guide — up to you!

You can check out the locations in more detail with map images below:

Lyceum Mural Street Art location

Just before you enter the northern bridge of the Bowery district, look to the corner on the right to find the mural. It is a homage to the Bowery’s history as a theatre and entertainment district.

Gotham Piers Street Art Location

In Tricorner Island, just to the side of the second road that comes from the highway across the district, northwest of the Statue of Justice is where you can find the mural. It’s a tribute to the dock workers of Gotham.

Simpler Times Street Art location

As you’re roaming Old Gotham, you can find the mural on the street that begins from Gotham City Hall and heads towards the north, pretty much at the same horizontal street as the Gotham City Cathedral, facing east. This mural is a homage to what some consider Gotham’s heyday.

The March Of Crabs Street Art Location

In Robinson Park, you’re going to come across a large dome-looking structure that is right next to a bridge – head underneath to find the mural. The mural is about crabs, like Gothamites, which are incredibly resilient, and able to withstand seemingly any storm.

A Green Gotham Street Art location

Around the Financial District, or just from the Belfry itself, head west to the train tracks. The first building, which clashes with Gate Street, displays the mural in all its glory. This mural is an activist piece calling on Gotham to invest in green energy.

Stolen Gotham Street Art location

This mural is found in The Cauldron, at the very end of Diangelo Avenue before reaching the riverside. It is a Miagani leader who watches as Gotham’s industrialization eclipses their way of life.

Our Friend Joel Street Art location

You can find this mural over at West End, right in the heart of North Madison Street, which is east of Chelsea Tunnel and west of Coventry Street. The memorial is for father, husband, coach, and friend Joel Bloomer. Commissioned by his team, who miss him dearly.

Origins Of Evil Street Art location

Around Otisburg, the mural can be found in Gardner Street, just on the other side of Janson Street, which leads to the bridge. It is a protest mural showcasing the horrors created by Gotham’s poorly-regulated chemical industry.

See Us Street Art location

Over at Bristol, the mural can be found east of Exhibition Avenue street. There are several buildings surrounding that spot – head inside to find the mural on one of the inner walls. It was commissioned by The Black Moment Collective to celebrate local activists.

GCU Street Art Location

If you’re around Gotham Heights, you can spot the mural at the end of Bridge Lane, which is a street that ramifications from University Drive right as you’re entering the district using the bridge. It is a celebration of Gotham City University. Maybe the artist is enrolled there.

Born This Way Street Art Location

In the West End, the mural is located just in between Grant Lane and Croydon Avenue. It was commissioned for Pride Gotham three years back.

Faces of Gotham Street Art Location

Over at The Cauldron, this mural can be found just by following Harrow Road, it’s near the bridge, facing Paris Island while looking at the map. This final mural is celebrating the Cauldron’s history as a welcoming neighbourhood for new immigrants to Gotham.

Those are all the Street Art locations in Gotham Knights! While the city is populated by interesting scenery, mostly thanks to catchy advertisement campaigns and stylish neon signs, it’s interesting to see what the murals hold. Some like the Faces of Gotham seem rather rudimentary, but March of the Crabs and Origins of Evil are gorgeous standouts. Being able to learn a bit more about the district they’re set in, or just the city itself is also a good bonus, even if the descriptions are short and to the point.

As for the general locations, only two of them repeat themselves: The Cauldron and West End. This, unfortunately, means that you’re going to have to travel across pretty much all of Gotham to find all of the murals. I recommend taking your time with it, and just tackling the collectibles while you’re on patrol around the area. Alternatively, you can just hop on your bike and go for a ride, since all of them are on ground level.

Completing this challenge is going to grant you the Claiming the Mural High Ground achievement/trophy, depending on the platform you’re playing, as well as grant you a few rewards such as XP and materials for crafting. If you want to revisit any of the paintings, you can do so from the database menu of your Batcomputer.

Oh, and if you’re having trouble locating any of them, using your character’s radar is going to signalize the murals with a red outline. Best of luck hunting all Gotham Knights Street Art locations! For more on Gotham Knights check out our other guides in our Gotham Knights walkthrough.