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Gotham Knights best Nightwing builds

Need some suggestions for the Gotham Knights best build for Nightwing? Here’s what to focus on and really make the most of with the character

Gotham Knights best Nightwing build: Nightwing can be seen

With so many options, the Gotham Knights best build for Nightwing isn’t easy to come up with. You have to take into account not just skills from four different trees, but also the best Nightwing Momentum Abilities, gear that covers two weapons and your armour, the mods you use for all three pieces, an element for things to come together, and more.

Knowing how to make the most out of your tools in Gotham Knights is key, so our build recommendation will tick everything from your shopping list so you know how to prepare yourself as opposed to an endless period of trial and error.

Gotham Knights best Nightwing builds

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that while this build is our personal suggestion, there are many ways that you can tweak it to best suit your playstyle. This could be choosing a piece of gear that is a bit different but increases a stat that you’re particularly fond of, for example, or going for another element altogether, to name some examples.

At the very least, even if you don’t end up using it exactly as shown, it’s sure to give you a clear idea of how you can combine the tools and skills at your disposal to maximize your Nightwing, rather than making it a jack-of-all-trades by mistake that doesn’t quite excel at anything.

Below is the Gotham Knights best character build for Nightwing:

Dartdevil – best Nightwing build

At a glance, here’s what the Gotham Knights best character build for Nightwing entails:

  • Momentum Ability 1: Dart Storm
  • Momentum Ability 2: Shotgun Darts
  • Element: Poison
  • Melee: Gold Escrima Sticks
  • Ranged: Gold Toxic Darts
  • Mod: Elemental Effect Buildup
  • Suit: Gold Armour
  • Best pair-up skills: Elemental Smart Darts, Elemental Smart Darts +, Triple Darts

Dubious pun aside, the Dartdevil build revitalizes a somewhat weak aspect of Nightwing: Yes, I’m talking about his darts. The range attack isn’t quite as powerful as it should be on its own, as it can be quite slow and only targets one enemy at a time. But, with the right tools, tweaks, and skills taken into consideration, you can become a menace at long range.

Let’s start with the basics. I went with Poison as the main element in the build, as it’s perfect to build elemental damage over time. As such, I recommend looking for Toxic Darts of the highest rarity you can get. If you’re still on the lower levels, again, craft the blueprint with the highest rarity available, and just take it from there.

As for the mod, I recommend using one that provides Elemental Effect Buildup, as that’s going to increase the effectiveness of your poison. Once more, aim for the highest rarity of your mods available, and don’t forget to combine the ones you’re not using, as you might end up with a better one without much effort.

In terms of your melee weapon and your suit, it’s up to you. For the suit, I’d focus on health in case of enemies sneak up on you while you’re waiting on your Momentum Abilities to recharge. As for melee, you can either focus on damage or grab a weapon that has Electricity as an element, as it can give you the chance to stun enemies, making it easier to land those darts. But considering the skills we’ll be using, you should be having much trouble doing so from the get-go, so up to your preference.

In terms of Momentum Abilities, the main ones are Dart Storm and Shotgun Darts. The first lets you shoot multiple darts in an arc that covers both sides in front of Nightwing, which both deal damage and also lowers the enemies’ Elemental Effect resistance. Shotgun Darts is a bit more rudimentary, but it costs half the amount of Momentum. It’s also helpful for breaking an enemy’s guard, so you can immediately follow up with more darts to start building up that poison damage.

Some suggestions for skills that will actually elevate the potential of the aforementioned abilities. Triple Darts, which is part of the Knighthood skill tree, allows Nightwing to shoot three darts at once instead of one — a mandatory skill for this build, and probably the one you should get first.

From then on, the next two make for a great pair together. Pack Leader’s Elemental Smart Darts make it so Nightwing’s darts inflict Elemental Effect build-up over time. This also heals allies over time, in case you’re playing co-op and happen to miss a shot — your friend won’t get poisoned. Now, if you go ahead and get Elemental Smart Darts + as well, Nightwing’s darts will now reduce enemies’ defence by 10 per cent, and increase damage inflicted by your co-op partner by 5 per cent for 10 seconds.

Now, the latter bonus isn’t that helpful for this build, but it’s a nice addition for when you’re playing co-op. Plus, the focus is still on making it so every dart you use has as many debuffs as possible on enemies, so you can either continue shooting them or finish them off with melee attacks.

That is all you need to know about the Gotham Knights best build for Nightwing! Again, feel free to mix and match different pieces of gear, as it’s not possible to predict which blueprints you’re going to obtain. Just make sure to always have an Elemental Effect Buildup mod at hand, which is going to apply to all future Ranged gear you get. For more on Gotham Knights, including builds, collectibles, and tons more, check out our other guides in our Gotham Knights walkthrough.