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Ghostwire Tokyo release date, gameplay details, platforms, and more

Here is when the Ghostwire Tokyo release date arrived and loads of other key information you need to know about Tango's action adventure game.

One of the main foes in Ghostwire Tokyo stands in front of a Japanese shrine.

Ghostwire Tokyo marked a new era from Shinji Mikami’s Tango Gameworks. Abandoning a lot of the survival horror gameplay it mastered in the Evil Within series, Ghostwire Tokyo is a fully first-person action adventure game.

Originally revealed at Bethesda’s E3 2019 showcase, the initial trailer left an impression on everyone and it quickly became one of the most exciting upcoming games. But, we wouldn’t see the game again until a year later during the PS5 console’s reveal, where it was confirmed that the game will be a timed PS5 exclusive to Sony’s new system for a year. There was a lot of pre-launch hype, but when did Ghostwire Tokyo finally land?

Ghostwire Tokyo release date

Ghostwire Tokyo release date was March 25, 2022. This date was announced during a gameplay showcase the month prior.

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Ghostwire Tokyo platforms

Ghostwire Tokyo launched on PC and PS5 as a console exclusive. On April 12, 2023, the game also arrived on on Xbox Series X|S consoles. The game did not launch on the PS4 or the Xbox One.

Ghostwire: Tokyo DualSense support

Ghostwire Tokyo has extensive DualSense support on the PS5. The game supports the controller’s adaptive triggers when you are using your energy-based powers in the game. They will be used to translate the action of charging and gaining a sense of power.

Haptic Feedback will also be utilised in Ghostwire Tokyo, with Tango being able to translate different levels of vibrations and feedback throughout the game, thanks to the DualSense’s advanced rumble motor.

The player character can be seen fighting some spirits in Tokyo.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Gameplay and Trailers

The last big gameplay showcase for Ghostwire Tokyo was in February 2022, where we got a good look at the gameplay and combat. We also heard from the developers at Tango Gameworks about some core elements of the experience.

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A trailer for Ghostwire Tokyo was aired during Sony’s PS5 showcase, which took place in September 2021, giving us a better understanding of the story.

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That about covers all the key information you need about Ghostwire Tokyo right now. For more excellent titles, check out our best PS5 games and best Xbox games lists where you’ll find plenty of other awesome first-person adventure games and even more bangers from Tango too!