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Genshin Impact 2.5 leaks show Yae Miko four-star characters and weapons

The Genshin Impact Yae Miko four-star characters and weapons have been eagerly awaited, and new leaks appear to have revealed them ahead of time

Genshin Impact Yae Miko banner four-star characters and weapons: Yae Miko with a glow in her eyes

Genshin impact players are now but mere days away from finally being able to (hopefully) bring Yae Miko home. The Guuji of the Grand Narukami Shrine, and owner of the Yae Publishing House has climbed to the top of many players’ wishlists since she was showcased in last week’s Genshin Impact 2.5 livestream. Now, a newly reported leak appears to show the other characters and weapons accompanying Yae on her banner.

According to a Telegram post made by ‘Mia’, a popular leaker in the Genshin space, players have the chance of rolling Thoma, Fischl, and Diona as the featured four-star units en route to acquiring the Electro priestess. Thoma and Diona were last featured on Hu Tao’s banner back in November, while Fischl hasn’t been seen since Klee’s run in June.

Meanwhile, on the weapon banner front there are some great options. Alongside Kagura’s Verity – what looks to be Yae’s signature weapon – players can also roll for the Primordial Jade Cutter on the five-star front. The Primordial Jade Cutter was last attainable during September’s Kokomi banner, so, Donut haters, this is your chance.

Finally, Mia says that the four-star weapons available on this banner will be Stringless, Sacrificial Sword, Wavebreaker’s Fin, Eye of Painception, and Painslasher.

With a great selection of characters and weapons potentially coming to Yae’s banner, Raiden wanters will have to keep their Primogem purse strings tight ahead of her return later on in Genshin Impact 2.5.