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Genshin Impact Kirara gameplay leak showcases fur-ious catgirl combat

In a new Genshin Impact Kirara gameplay leak, the upcoming gacha-infused ARPG character puts both the 'kick' and 'boxes' into kickboxes.

Genshin Impact Kirara gameplay leak: Kirara

Following a recent report regarding her abilities, a Genshin Impact Kirara gameplay leak has now surfaced. And the Inazuman catgirl certainly looks like she kickboxes as well as she packs boxes.

As shared by community leaker ‘Dimbreath’, the showcase reveals everything from Kirara’s idle animations to her acrobatic approach to combat. From what we can see, she certainly has some of the most unique animations we’ve seen from the four-star Genshin Impact characters.

However, the most entertaining part of the clip comes right at the end, as Kirara’s elemental skill is activated, placing her into a cat’s natural habitat: a box. That’s right, Kirara’s courier chops are so refined, she’s even able to package herself up, increasing movement and climbing speed while scurrying along.

‘Wait. Climbing speed?’, we hear you say. Well, as this second clip from Dimbreath shows, you can actually scuttle up terrain while boxed up. The exploration powercre- powerclimb is real.

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Needless to say, we’ll be looking to make a small Primogem investment into Kirara when the Genshin Impact 3.7 release date rolls around. If you’re short of a few Primos yourself, be sure to consult our Genshin Impact codes guide for the latest Freemos available.