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Genshin Impact’s leaked Geo catgirl Kirara could actually be Dendro

Contrary to earlier reports, it now transpires that Genshin Impact Kirara, who was initially referred to as 'Momoka', will be a four-star Dendro sword user.

Genshin Impact 3.7 catgirl Kirara Dendro - Kirara's initial Geo concept

The Genshin Impact leak community has been rocked. New reports have emerged claiming that the Inazuman catgirl that could possibly arrive in the ARPG’s 3.7 update won’t actually be a five-star, is Dendro instead of Geo, and isn’t even called Momoka. Meet Kirara.

According to reliable leaker ‘Mero’, Kirara – a rumoured addition to the Genshin Impact characters roster – is a four-star, sword-wielding Dendro character, contrary to initial reports that she would be five-star Geo. ‘SpendYourPrimos’ admin IT corroborates this with their own report.

After Kirara’s character model leaked, showing her as having a Geo vision, it seemed like a dead cert that the Inazuman catgirl would follow in the pawsteps of characters like Gorou. However, it transpires that this was an older concept, and not a true representation of the final product – this is why players should always take leaks with a large pinch of salt.

So why is Momoka now Kirara? Well according to Team China’s ‘Tao’, ‘Momoka’ is simply the name mined from the character’s data, and not her actual in-game one. One wise Redditor has seemingly been able to confirm this using the Wanderer’s renaming mechanic, which doesn’t allow players to change it to that of existing or upcoming characters.

Needless to say, it’s been a bit of a bombshell for Genshin leak enjoyers. Regardless, knowing that yet another Dendro character could be on their way to Teyvat when the Genshin Impact 3.7 release date rolls round is exciting. And, hopefully, they’ll make a strong showing on the Genshin Impact tier list, too.