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Gas Station Simulator PS4 release is on the way

Is Gas Station Simulator coming to PS4? We look at the recently-released indie game

A house can be seen with a car beside it.

Is a Gas Station Simulator PS4 release on the way? The indie game from DRAGO Entertainment has been a hit on Steam since its release and players on PS4 are keen to know when they can get stuck into restoring a gas station to its former glory.

Set somewhere on Route 66 in the USA, Gas Station Simulator offers you the complete experience of this kind of lifestyle. You can renovate and expand your personal gas station, painting it and decorating it however you like and buying equipment that suits your needs. You can expand beyond your humble beginnings and attract customers with more than just gas, equipping your station with expansions and even new features like car repair facilities and a car wash.

Let’s get into what DRAGO Entertainment and Movie Games have said so far about Gas Station Simulator on PS4.

Gas Station Simulator PS4 release

Yes, Gas Station Simulator is coming to PS4 on October 20, 2022. The port is being worked on by MD Games and is now in development for both PS4 and Xbox One.

These ports for consoles will include all the updates released for the PC version and it will allow you to fully expand your gas station in the desert.

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