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Rarest Fortnite skins

Whether replaced, discontinued, or included in one-time bundles, these are the rarest Fortnite skins out there.

A heavily armoured Fortnite agent fires an RPG

Fortnite’s massive popularity can be attributed to many things: its excellent take on battle royale, a giant map filled with landmarks, tight shooting gameplay, the list goes on. One element that the fanbase can’t seem to get enough of, however, are the colorful cosmetic skins, some of which are so rare that you won’t find them anywhere else.

From partnerships with established IP to outlandish original designs, Fortnite’s skins are a source of pride for many of its players. While many of the skins seen today come from battle passes and the rotating Item Shop, a few legacy skins have either fallen off the radar completely or have not been listed in the shop for years.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the rarest Fortnite skins, from old collaborations, to console exclusives, and one-time-only offers. If you own any of the skins you see on this list, consider yourself very, very fortunate.

These are the top ten rarest Fortnite skins:

  • Aerial Assault Trooper
  • Royale Bomber
  • Rogue Agent
  • Special Forces
  • Hacivat
  • Honor Guard
  • Galaxy
  • Hyperion
  • Double Helix
  • Black Widow and Star-Lord

Aerial Assault Trooper

Looking for the rarest skin in the entire game? Then the Aerial Assault Trooper skin is it. Having appeared only once in the game’s history, that being all the way back in the first-ever Fortnite season, most players won’t even have been playing when it was available.

Rarest Fortnite skins: The Royale Bomber holding a rocket and looking up towards the sky, with several hot air balloon crates in the background.

Royale Bomber

Royale Bomber was a skin offered in 2018 via a Fortnite-themed PlayStation 4 bundle in Europe and a Fortnite-themed DualShock 4 package in the US. This was the only way to get the cerulean-colored skin, and he has not appeared in the Item Shop once since his debut.

If you thought enough to snag either the bundle or the controller, you own one of the rarest Fortnite skins that may never again see the light of day.

Rarest Fortnite skins: Rogue Agent posing with their left arm raised across their chest.

Rogue Agent

Rogue Agent is a helmet-wearing Epic-ranked skin that appeared in the Item Shop just once, back when it debuted on September 15, 2018. It made a handful of appearances as part of a bundle later, but it’s an incredibly rare skin.

Rarest Fortnite skins: The Special Forces skin smirking at the camera.

Special Forces

The rare Special Forces outfit debuted in Fortnite’s original season, way back in November 2017. Unlike many of the other rare Fortnite skins on this list, Special Forces has begun to reappear again, with several appearances throughout 2023. It first reappeared at the end of April 2023, after 1898 days away.

Rarest Fortnite skins: Hacivat posing with his hand on his chest, with a glider to the left and an ice to the right.


Similar to the Special Forces skin, Hacivat has been made available in the Item Store a few times, including a handful of times throughout 2023. Nevertheless, their appearances are often few and far between.

Rarest Fortnite skins: The Honor Guard posing for the camera wearing their biker helmet.

Honor Guard

Wearing the Honor Guard skin is the Fortnite equivalent of wearing a giant Rolex watch and driving a Lamborghini. The skin was only available with the purchase of an Honor View 20 smartphone, which made this skin a $800 commitment – very steep for an in-game cosmetic.

If you bought the phone and own the skin, congratulations on your disposable income. The rest of us will just sit in the corner of the map and pout.

Rarest Fortnite skins: The Galaxy skin with their hands on their hips.


Another cell phone perk in Fortnite skin form, Galaxy here was only made available to those who purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Tab 4. He’s never been sold separately in the Item Shop, and he was never given out with other Galaxy phones. Oh, and he’s since been replaced with the Glow skin, meaning he could be shelved entirely from now on.

Alas poor Galaxy, we hardly knew ye.

Rarest Fortnite skins: Hyperion looking directly at the camera.


Hyperion here is another legacy Fortnite skin, first debuting during Chapter 1 Season 2. He used to be a common occurrence in the Item Shop, appearing on 17 different occasions between February 2018 and January 2019. Since then however he’s gone missing completely, a forgotten memento to the Fortnite of old.

Rarest Fortnite skins: The Double Helix character looking towards the camera.

Double Helix

Double Helix here is another console bundle exclusive skin, appearing only in the Nintendo Switch bundle back in October 2018.

There have been other bundles since then, but the Double Helix skin has been replaced by the equally frustrating-to-find Wildcat.

Rarest Fortnite skins: Black Widow on the left and Star Lord on the right, both posing with their arms out.

Black Widow (with Black outfit) and Star-Lord

Black Widow and Star-Lord were the first two Marvel-themed skins ever to appear in Fortnite, dropping into the game around the time Avengers: Endgame was released. Since then Fortnite has debuted a number of Marvel skins, including an entire Marvel-themed battle pass, and yet they rarely return – though this did pick up again in 2023.

And that’s it for our top ten rarest Fortnite skins. If you’ve got one (or more) of these skins then count yourself very lucky indeed. Make sure you’ve got Fortnite 2FA on too so that you can keep your account – and your skins – nice and safe.