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Fortnite adopts key GTA 5 mechanic with new Most Wanted Event

The Fortnite Most Wanted event is here and it's making use of a Grand Theft Auto feature we really didn't expect to see in this battle royale: the wanted level.

Fortnite most wanted heat level GTA 5: an image of three battle royale skins

Epic Games’ latest Fortnite update is here and it has introduced a unique Grand Theft Auto V feature to the battle royale shooter, via the Most Wanted event, with the promise of free cosmetics and lots of fun. We didn’t know Fortnite needed what is effectively a wanted level, but Epic Games has given it one and you’re going to want to become familiar with how it actually works.

So, what do you actually need to know about the new wanted system feature available in Fortnite? Well, the first thing to note is that it’s not actually called a wanted system – and it doesn’t deal in stars like it does in GTA 5. During the Fortnite Most Wanted event, players have a Heat Level in-game – which is represented by four flame icons in the top left of your screen.

This Heat Level is going to increase when you eliminate enemies in-game, or if you spend gold to automatically increase it, and you’ll get in-game buffs depending on how high your Heat Level is. If you’re spending gold, it’s important to note that it’s going to cost you 500 gold to up your heat level – or 500 gold to decrease it.

If you’re gunning for a high Heat Level, you’ll benefit from increased movement speed, the ability to heal out of combat, and more gold bars per elimination. So, if you’re on a bit of a hot streak, it might be worth spending some gold to make some gold – as the old adage goes.

It’s important to keep yourself well armed, though,as you’ll be temporarily marked on enemies’ maps when your Heat Level increases. Not only this, but any Cold Blooded members you come across in-game will be more hostile towards you depending on your Heat Level.

If you want to make the most of the Most Wanted event in Fortnite, you’re going to need to deal with having a higher Heat Level. Why? Well, because the event is all about completing in-game heists, collecting Cold Blooded Medallions, and upping your Infamy rating.

The event rewards range from weapon wraps and icons to back bling and sprays, with the final reward on the Most Wanted reward track being the new Ace outfit – which you can see in the image below. Or, you can check out this Fortnite blog post for more information.

Fortnite most wanted heat level GTA 5: an image of the battle royale event's reward track

We know this battle royale doesn’t quite have a police force, but we can imagine enemy players spotting you is going to be much more of a punishment. So, unlike any of you who play GTA Online, you may want to avoid raising your Heat Level in Fortnite until you’re ready for what follows.

If you want to know more about the Most Wanted event, content creator ‘Ali-A‘ has your back with an explainer. It also shows the Heat Level in action, which should help you get a sense of how it works.

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