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New Fortnite NPC Lil Whip needs to wash his mouth out with soap

Mmm! Lil Whip is back and he’s drippin’ flavour all over Fortnite Island - however, some of his voice lines and new Lobby Track aren’t as PG as they could be

Fortnite lil whip npc voice lines: An image of Lil whip on a blue background

He might be endangered by nature, but that doesn’t stop Lil Whip dripping flavour all over Fortnite Island. What can we say? He’s silencing the haters in as much style as an ice cream-turned hip hop sensation can. Alongside the return of the Lil Whip cosmetics in the Fortnite Item Shop, players will also be able to find him roaming around the map throwing ice creams around during the ‘No Sweat’ summer event. While this in itself isn’t anything surprising, you might be taken aback – and find yourself a little flushed – when you hear some of the things he’s going to be saying.

Prior to his addition to the game, reliable Fortnite leaker HYPEX shared a selection of the data mined voice lines players can expect to hear come out of Lil Whip’s mouth if they find him in-game – and it’s safe to say that they’re down-right filthy!

“If you don’t want it in a cone, I can squirt it into a loose paper bag,” says one – confirming that Lil Whip really doesn’t understand how ice cream and paper bags actually work. “Taste this Guzzle Juice-flavoured cream”, says another. We know this battle royale isn’t exactly exclusively aimed at children, but… Lil whip is a damn fiend and Epic Games know exactly what they’ve done here.

Think those two are bad enough? Well, the leak from HYPEX also reveals that Lil Whip is going to say the following at some point: “Cool down with some hard milk”.

Cool down with some hard milk. Hard milk. HARD. MILK. We don’t know about you, but we never want to see any sort of cream described as hard milk ever again.

Thankfully, Lil Whip isn’t all bad – he’s usually the perfect embodiment of this season’s Vibin’ theme. Just, sometimes, someone needs to let him know that what he’s saying is a little more questionable than it should be.

That being said, Lil Whip is a little bit of an icon and his new Lobby Track is – like a lot of the other tracks that come out of Fortnite – a certified banger. You can listen to it below:

We know Fortnite fans are split on the Prime Shotgun after discovering the unique feature it offers, but it’s safe to say that Lil Whip is a hit. If you need a hand finishing off all the Fortnite ‘No Sweat’ summer quests, you can find more information here.