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Fortnite first person mode could be coming to challenge Warzone 2 soon

Epic Games' latest Fortnite update is a good one, but leakers and data miners have found evidence that a Fortnite first person mode might be on the way soon.

Fortnite leaks first person mode: an image of a skin from the battle royale shooter

Epic Games’ brand new Fortnite update has just dropped, introducing v23.30 and another batch of Dragon Ball-themed cosmetics. We know the fact that this update includes a change where Epic Games backtracks and makes Fortnite’s Weekly Quests season-long again is quite an important alteration, but it also looks like support for a Fortnite first person mode is being established.

Initially highlighted by prominent Fortnite leaker ‘ShiinaBR‘ here, and reiterated by ‘HYPEX‘ with more evidence from Fortnite data miners right here, you can see that there is some support for a first-person Fortnite mode in-game following the v23.30 update. It’s just not playable right now – something we can imagine is because the feature itself still seems quite broken.

We know rumours that a first-person mode is coming to Fortnite have been around for a little while, but this is the first time we’ve seen some sort of hard evidence of this mode in-game. And, we can only imagine how this is going to transform the battle royale and how it actually plays.

Interestingly, Shiina has actually shared some footage of this first person Fortnite mode appearing in-game. As his tweet sharing the footage says, this is clearly some sort of bug. However, it does look like this feature isn’t too far away from being ready.

But, this is also leaving us with more questions than answers. In the aforementioned footage, you can see that the player is primarily playing in a third-person perspective, with the first-person perspective coming into play when they aim down their weapon’s sights. Does this mean Fortnite fans are in for a mechanical change somewhat similar to PUBG – where ADS is first-person and the rest of the game is third-person? Or, is this just the result of an incomplete Fortnite first person mode being data mined in-game?

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Another thing we’re quite interested in is each weapon’s sights. In a third-person game, these aren’t nearly as important when it comes to aiming as they are in a first-person game. So, will this mechanical change mean a redesign for Fortnite’s existing weapons? We just don’t know.

As you might expect, Epic Games isn’t talking about it – and we’re not sure data mining these things is going to tell us that much. For now, we’re just going to have to settle for looking at the best Fortnite landing spots for this season. In third-person.

We can’t wait to see what Fortnite’s developers have up their sleeves. This is regarded as one of the best battle royale games for a reason and it’s these sorts of innovations that will help this shooter maintain this in the future. Although, we can’t help but wonder if Fortnite really needs this mode after a season where so many new features have been buggy and broken.