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Fortnite has its own Elden Ring secret door with five trillion HP

The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 update is here and players think they've found a sneaky hidden Elden Ring reference in the battle royale game's new map POI

Fortnite Elden Ring Secret Door: An image of the Reality Falls tree in Fortnite

Fortnite, for better or worse, is packed with hidden secrets and easter eggs – and it has been for a long time. Epic Games’ battle royale is chock-full of references and regular players will find themselves getting used to seeing things they recognise from other media in-game. However, we don’t think anyone would have placed a bet on seeing an Elden Ring reference in Fortnite following the Chapter 3 Season 2 live event start time. But, there is one – sort of. Fortnite players have started to discover a secret doorway that bears a striking resemblance to the hidden Volcano Manor door in Elden Ring that only opens after being hit 50 times.

The secret doorway found in Fortnite, though, isn’t exactly the same as the one found by players in FromSoftware’s epic action-RPG. It’s a pile of rubble in a cavern, not a nondescript stone wall in a dungeon-type setting. Oh, and the barrier in Fortnite has five trillion hit-points. So, you’re going to need to hit it quite a few more times to break through.

Named “DaDoor” by HYPEX, who shared the original footage from OSlycer on social media, players will be able to find this secret door in the cave network under Fortnite’s newest POI location: Reality Falls.

At a glance, you might think this secret doorway is just a pile of rubble. However, it looks a little out of place and if you start attacking it, you’ll find that it has a health bar – which isn’t necessarily normal.

As you can see for yourself in the footage below, conventional weapons and the harvesting tool players spawn with does relatively little damage to the rubble that constitutes the secret door. However, thanks to the fact that the Cow Catcher vehicle attachment is designed to instantly demolish anything in its path, the players make light work of the five trillion health obstacle and get into the secret room.

Inside players will find some loot – and at least one golden loot chest – alongside three NPCs. Two of these characters are known as the Henchmen Duo, two henchmen from opposing sides who have become “henchbros for life” (according to the Henchman Bundle’s news tab description). The third character, which can be seen standing on the right, is a Trespasser. Introduced in Chapter 2 Season 7, these aliens are henchmen-like characters that could be found throughout the map during the Invasion storyline.

At the moment, we don’t know why these three characters are hiding together in a secret room inside a cave. However, Fortnite is full of strange references and interesting little easter eggs. So, it might just be that they’re hiding out from everything that’s going on between The Seven and The IO – which isn’t actually the worst idea.

While we may never know whether this was an intentional Elden Ring reference or not, it’s fun to speculate. If you’re looking for something on the current state of the game, we have you covered. Fortnite competitive should be “split” from casual, says Wolfiez – read up on why right here.