Here’s what time Fortnite downtime for Chapter 4 Season 2 starts

Epic Games' next Fortnite battle royale update is on the way and here's what you need to know when the Fortnite downtime for Chapter 4 Season 2 actually starts.

Fortnite downtime Chapter 4 Season 2 Mega: an image of a female character with a fan from the battle royale

When is the Fortnite downtime for Chapter 4 Season 2Now, that might seem like a simple question, but that doesn’t mean the answer is always as obvious as it should be. When it comes to seasonal updates and the implementation of major changes, Epic Games’ battle royale Fortnite has server downtime more often than not. However, the duration of that downtime changes depending on what is actually going on. When there’s a chapter change, we can sometimes see downtime last several days – just as an example.

So, asking about the next period of Fortnite downtime and when the Chapter 4 Season 2 update is actually going to be introduced is far from a bad thing. You’ll be pleased to know that the Fortnite downtime for Chapter 4 Season 2 starts at 23:00 PST on March 9 and 02:00 EST / 07:00 GMT on March 10. This is when Epic Games will start to implement the “Fortnite MEGA” update – as per FortniteStatus.

This downtime is set to last several hours, like usual, and we expect to see Fortnite return at around  04:00 PST / 07:00 EST / 12:00 GMT on March 10.

So, now that we know when the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 release time really is, what do we know about the content coming in the update?

Well, we know that Fortnite is channelling Cyberpunk 2077 for the Chapter 4 Season 2 theme – with rumours that a neo-Tokyo cyberpunk-like POI is centre-stage to this futuristic-themed season of content.

Beyond that, though, the information Epic Games has shared about Fortnite MEGA – outside of the fact that this is seemingly the official name of the Chapter 4 Season 2 update – is cosmetic. Two teasers have been shared on official social media channels, and Fortnite leaker ‘iFireMonkey‘ has collated them with information that these are two new skins: Thunder, and Mizuki. You can check those out below:

Fortnite downtime Chapter 4 Season 2: a tweet showing two skins from the battle royale

Adding to this, ‘HYPEX‘ – another notable Fortnite leaker – has leaked assets showing several Chapter 4 Season 2 Tier 100 cosmetics. Visually, it’s clear that these are related to Mizuki and reaffirm rumours that she is the Tier 100 skin for the next season of content’s battle pass. You can check that out below, too:

Fortnite downtime Chapter 4 Season 2: an image of the tweet about the battle royale

Another Fortnite leaker, ‘ShiinaBR‘, has shared assets relating to additional cosmetics – most likely also from the battle pass. It’s clear that there’s some cyberpunk theming to this season’s content; it’s just being presented to us with an Epic Games twist, of course.

Fortnite downtime Chapter 4 Season 2: an image of the tweet about the battle royale

We still don’t know what “MEGA” means when it comes to Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2; but, we can imagine it’s something to do with the dystopian idea of a megalopolis – something you see consistently throughout cyberpunk-themed media. This would also fit with the neo-Japanese aesthetic we’ve seen from Epic Games’ teasers so far.

This is clearly one of the best battle royale games of all time and we can’t wait to see how it builds on its’ already impressive legacy with Fortnite MEGA and Chapter 4 Season 2 – once the downtime is over, of course.