Firewall Ultra release date speculation, gameplay, modes

Sony's VR shooter series is back in the form of the Firewall Ultra release date exclusively for the PSVR 2 headset that can only be used on PS5 consoles

firewall ultra release date using a pistol with a light

If you’re a fan of VR, and PSVR in particular, then you’ve probably played the hit FPS game Firewall Zero Hour. Firewall Ultra is the sequel and latest entry in the series, so strap in as we talk about all things Firewall Ultra release date, gameplay, and modes.

While the first game allowed players to team up and duke it out in virtual reality deathmatches, when the Firewall Ultra release date drops, it will bring new modes with it and updated gameplay features.

You’ll find everything we currently know about the VR shooter below. We’ll update this guide as we find out more, so be sure to check back if you’re excited as we are about strapping on Sony’s newest headset.

Firewall Ultra release date rumours

We suspect that Firewall Ultra will release alongside the PSVR 2, which is slated for early 2023. There hasn’t been an official release date set for Firewall Ultra or PSVR 2, but seeing as Firewall Ultra is a exclusive to Sony’s new PSVR 2, we think it will launch with the new headset as a premium experience for players, seeing as the first Firewall game was well received by fans.

Firewall Ultra gameplay

We got a glimpse of Firewall Ultra gameplay in its reveal trailer (below). It shows that the graphics area massively upgraded from the first game, and the limb and hand movements seem to be realistic and accurately mapped to your actual body, which helps when pushing open doors for example.

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Firewall Ultra modes

As well as the PvP gameplay we saw in the first game, Firewall Ultra will also now feature PvE modes that allow you to partner up with fellow players and friends and take on computer-controlled opponents. We know the game will feature “tactical multiplayer objectives,” which means that we’ll be getting modes that go beyond simple team deathmatches too. The trailer demonstrates one of these objectives as hacking a computer while trying to avoid enemies.

That’s everything we know about the Firewall Ultra release date, as well as what gameplay we’ve seen and the modes that the game will have. Read our list of all the upcoming PSVR 2 games if you can’t wait for Sony’s next VR experience, or you can read our best competitive FPS games guide if you need that shooting itch scratched.