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Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion Gil and how to get and earn it

Filling your pockets with in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion Gil and earning and getting it is the first step to making your life easy

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion Gil Get: Zack and Cait Sith can be seen

Part of the experience of playing Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion is to see Zack getting stronger which is possible through the well-known process of levelling him up or equipping him well. In Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core, while the former demands you to spend time grinding or completing the game’s side quests, the latter is only achievable through having better accessories as well as Materia. Of course, you can find these in chests or as rewards from missions. Even so, having lots of Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion Gil and getting and earning it will make your life easy when looking for more materia to fuse into stronger powerful magic attacks or a piece of special defensive equipment to avoid negative status.

So, for you who want to know the path to make some money in this game, we have prepared this guide on Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion Gil and how to earn it. To those who are playing Crisis Core but have no previous experience with the series, Gil may not be a familiar concept. Such as Gold coins or Money in other games, Gil is the official currency in the franchise. How important it is, depends on the title, but considering most Final Fantasy games – the old ones for example – have at least a little bit of grinding, spending Gil is inevitable. In Crisis Core, you can buy Materia, accessories, and consumables with Gil. There is more than one method to make a consistent amount of Gil in Crisis Core, but the key factor for picking the best ones is understanding where you are in the game. The options we have listed in this guide were chosen in order to help players who just began or are in the first half of the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion Gil

The following are key ways to get and earn Gil in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion:

  • Complete side quests
  • Steal from enemies
  • Sell every item you can

The game comes with several Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion side quests, called Missions, for you to complete. Different from other RPGs, the side quests in this game are not elaborate long chains of missions that sometimes feel like you are sidetracking from the main quest.

They are pretty simple: at every Save Point, you can access the Mission menu from which you can start any side quest you already have unlocked. Most of them are simple “Kill X Monster” objectives in a small area where you can not only fight in random encounters against normal creatures but you will also find chests. Since you will earn Gil after defeating any enemy, working through your list of side quests is a great way to earn some Gil at the beginning of the game. In case you have the accessory Precious Watch, you can equip it to double the Gil earned when killing enemies.

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion Gil Get: A chest can be seen

In addition, as expected from a Final Fantasy game, Crisis Core Reunion wears traditional elements of the franchise on its sleeves, and the recurrent skills “Steal” and “Mug” are present in this remastered version. To use them you must, of course, have the corresponding Materia. While the first one only steals an item from the enemy, the second will also damage them. This is a method that you can approach casually or more aggressively, since you can only steal one or another enemy until beating the mission or you can farm some items, such as Crystal Bracelet and Aegis Armlet, by running around in a specific area repeating random encounters.

To make the most out of this method, you can equip either Brigand’s Gloves which guarantees you steal an enemy or Mog’s Amulet which makes every item dropped or stolen from an enemy to be rare.

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion Gil Get: Zack can be seen stealing from enemies

Finally, after stealing from many foes or completing a series of side quests, you will have gathered a considerable amount of items. However, some players may feel discouraged to sell them afraid of finding themselves needing that exact item ahead in the game. Although keeping two of the same accessory and materia in your inventory is a good practice, it’s important to keep in mind that many of them can be bought in the shops throughout the game.

There is always the option to come back to a specific Mission to kill monsters until you drop it again. So, sell everything you can! You should also check the Key Items tab in the inventory. Although Gold Rolling Pins are kept there, you can sell them for 50000 Gil each!

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion Gil Get: A shop menu can be seen


By following these tips, you will have enough Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion Gil and get and earn enough to make your way through the game without too much trouble. As you progress through the game, look for more items to farm and then sell. But if money is not a problem anymore for you, you might want to set a new goal for your playthrough and try to collect all the Summons in the game. Be sure to check our how to summon in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion and Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion Summon Materia locations guides.