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FIFA 23’s first gameplay update addresses left-stick dribbling

The first FIFA 23 live tuning update improves Technical Dribbling for the majority of players and also tackles penalty kicks and referees

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In a break from tradition, many were shocked when FIFA 23’s first big title update contained no gameplay changes. However, EA Sports has just put out FIFA 23’s first live tuning update (which happens seamlessly and doesn’t require a download), which delivers the game’s first batch of gameplay tweaks.

Don’t panic – this doesn’t appear to be the usual, massive, meta-changing gameplay update EA has often pushed out early doors in past FIFA games. There is one tweak in particular though that many will be happy to see and that will likely be noticeable the next time you head onto the virtual pitch.

In this update, standard left-stick dribbling has been sharpened up for the majority of FIFA 23 players. EA Sports has “increased Technical Dribbling animation speed” for players with “dribbling related attributes below 90”, meaning that most cards will see some speedier dribbling when using the left-stick.

Left-stick dribbling is arguably the area of gameplay that has changed the most between FIFA 22 and FIFA 23, and while players are glad it’s not as overpowered as it was last year, the changes may have gone too far the other way. Hopefully this isn’t a radical buff that beckons in another dribbling meta, but time will tell on that front.

Elsewhere in the first FIFA 23 gameplay update, poorly-timed penalty kicks much worse (make sure you’re hitting that green Composure Ring from now on). Referees also get some tweaks: “arm-related collisions” now being less-likely to result in a foul, and Hard Slide Tackle fouls are now more likely to get you a yellow card. The full notes for the update can be found here.

Interestingly, EA Sports does not address Lengthy players in this update. Players with the Lengthy sprint style are currently dominating the FIFA 23 meta, causing players that look sluggish on paper to blitz some 90-pace speedsters with ease. Maybe we’ll see this tackled in the next update, or maybe EA Sports is happy letting Lengthy players rule the roost for a little while longer.

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