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Dominate corner kicks with this broken FIFA 23 tactic

Getting your tactics right is vital in FIFA 23, but sometimes you just need to score more than your opponent - so, here's a brilliant broken tactic for you

FIFA 23 tactic corner kick broken: an image of Robertson taking a corner kick at Anfield

We know the FIFA 23 meta has quickly become all about lengthy players, but you don’t need to rely on them to win in competitive modes like FUT’s Division Rivals. There are, you’ll be pleased to know, quite a few ways you can take advantage of FIFA 23’s mechanics to effectively guarantee yourself a goal in certain situations. Of course, nothing is ever really a guarantee in football and FIFA isn’t any different. However, if you’re sitting there wondering how you can improve your corner kick conversion rate in FIFA 23, we know exactly what you need to do.

FIFA content creator ‘BPM Animal’ is just one of a number of pro players and streamers who have stumbled onto a completely broken corner kick tactic for FIFA 23 – and we’re going to talk you through it below.

First things first, you need to make sure your corner kick is an out-swinger. This means, you need a right-footed player taking a right corner and a left-footed player taking a left corner – so, the ball curls away from goal when you take it.

Then, you’re going to need to use the right stick to change the place where your player is going to kick the ball. The best spot for this broken corner kick tactic is as far right as possible – so it reads “Inside Foot Curled” – just below the “Inside Foot Low” option. Keeping this as close to the middle of the right side as possible is important as you’re looking to get your corner kick taker to whip a level ball into the box.

Once you’ve made this change, you’re going to need to aim your corner kick in the centre of the six-yard box. To make this a little easier, try keeping the start of the aiming guide line parallel to the goal line.

All you need to do after this is hit the ball with as many beans as you can – meaning, you’re going to fire a corner kick into the box with full power. You don’t need to worry too much about the keeper picking it up as the curve on the ball should take it far enough away from the man between the sticks. The fact that you’ll be whipping the ball into the box with full power behind it also means the keeper isn’t going to have time to get there.

We can only apologise for Twitter’s video compression and the quality of this screenshot, but if you want to see what BPM Animal is doing, you can below:

FIFA 23 tactic corner kick broken: an image of the tweet in question

While this doesn’t guarantee a goal, the momentum behind the ball makes it so much easier to score any sort of on-target headed effort. Your player just needs to redirect the ball and it should carry all the speed of the corner into the back of the net.

We know it’s useful to know how to defend in FIFA 23, but sometimes, you just need to outscore your opponent – and this is one very good way of making the most of each corner kick you’re awarded. Even the best FIFA 23 goalkeepers will struggle to keep the ball out of the net every time.