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Are the FIFA 23 servers down and is maintenance planned?

Find out the latest on if server maintenance is planned for FIFA 23 and if the FIFA 23 servers down is a wider issue or planned by EA

FIFA 23 Servers Down: A player can be seen on the pitch

As with any online and live service game, you can expect FIFA 23 to have some teething issues with its online servers. Whether it is abrupt downtime or scheduled maintenance, EA will have to bring the game down occasionally. When this happens players will see that a ‘FIFA 23 servers down‘ message will appear.

And, it isn’t always easy to be able to keep track of if the FIFA 23 servers are down or why, unless you are glued to your Twitter feed or chatting with your friends to see if it is a wider issue. That’s why in this article we will detail the latest on FIFA 23 servers down messages and maintenance periods planned for the sports game.

This article will be consistently updated with the latest information on the status of the FIFA 23 servers and maintenance periods. This will include information from EA directly, times, and when you can expect to be able to play again.

FIFA 23 servers down?

FIFA 23 servers will be down on September 28, 2022, from 8 pm PT, 11 pm ET, 4 am BST (September 29th), 5 am CEST (September 29th) until September 28, 2022, at 10 pm PT, 1 am ET (September 29th), 6 am BST (September 29th), 7 am CEST (September 29th). This server maintenance will be the main pre-launch server-side update and fix ahead of the full FIFA 23 release time when the game is available to everyone and was announced by EA just an hour before it was set to begin.

While the servers are down, players will be disconnected from the game, unable to use online services and match creation won’t be possible. To avoid players losing out on progress, match creation will also be disabled 30 minutes prior to the game’s maintenance period beginning. This server maintenance period will also affect all platforms.

This is definitely disappointing to hear as many players are still loving the game during early access and through the 10-hour FIFA 23 Game Pass trial. But, the influx of players at the game’s launch on September 30, will be substantial so it is much better to get the game in a good state beforehand. And, in reality, the maintenance is not during a peak play period for the game.

So that is what you need to know about the FIFA 23 servers being down and if they are currently not working due to maintenance or another issue. Online play and game modes are a core part of FIFA each year so while you won’t be able to player while the servers aren’t working, you can peruse over other tips and information about the game including our guide on how to transfer FIFA points from 22 to 23 so you can use them online.