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FIFA 23 ratings site seems to briefly include Ted Lasso’s AFC Richmond

For a short time, AFC Richmond from the Ted Lasso series appeared on EA Sports' FIFA 23 ratings database, sparking speculation of a crossover

FIFA 23 Ted Lasso AFC Richmond: A photoshop of Ted Lasso's face onto the in-game body of a Chelsea manager in FIFA 23

September 28, 2022 AFC Richmond’s ratings have been added to this article as they have been revealed. The text has also been updated as the club has been confirmed for the game

As the release of the next FIFA game draws ever closer, EA Sports is currently in the process of revealing loads of FIFA 23 ratings for players. While the brightest stars from historic clubs like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and PSG have been the main focus so far, a surprising team was spotted in EA’s ever-growing database of player ratings: AFC Richmond, the fictional club in the hit TV series Ted Lasso.

Despite only a handful of players being announced so far, this FIFA 23 web page shows you every club that’s billed to be in the game in the filters section. For a brief moment after the database went live, a few players claimed on social media that they had spotted AFC Richmond listed as a Premier League club.

‘LikelyTarnished18’ on Reddit and Nikki Mandakovic on Twitter both share screenshots of AFC Richmond – which in the Ted Lasso series competes in the Premier League – sandwiched between AFC Bournemouth and Arsenal.

This was swiftly removed, but the ratings for AFC Richmond in FIFA 23 have been revealed and are:

  • Jamie Tartt – 84
  • Roy Kent – 83
  • Dani Rojas – 82
  • Sam Obisanya – 81
  • Isaac McAdoo – 80
  • Moe Bumberbatch – 79
  • George Goodman – 79
  • Ash Dixon – 78
  • Colin Hughes – 78
  • Jan Maas – 77
  • Thierry Zoreaux – 76

This leak of the club, which has now been confirmed, lined up with previous reports from players who managed to gain access to the full game last month when FIFA 23 was accidentally pushed live for those with EA Play. The few tweets out there from this period claiming to have found AFC Richmond in the game have had all video content and screenshots copyright claimed, so no evidence currently remains.

However, EA is known for making some special cases to include notable teams in its FIFA games. Last year for FIFA 22, Wrexham was added to the game, despite competing in the fifth tier of English football, a league not represented in the game. This is largely due to the club’s superstar owners, actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

However, Being able to take control of AFC Richmond and take them on your own journey in Career Mode would be a very attractive marketing feature for FIFA 23. With the ability to also play Manager Careers in FIFA 23 as famous figures like Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola, you can take control of Ted Lasso himself.

It is clearly something that players are onboard with, though – there are countless videos online of players creating AFC Richmond in FIFA 22 and other games like Football Manager to live out their Ted Lasso dreams by guiding them to glory.