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How to do the Griddy in FIFA 23?

Are you curious about how to do the griddy in FIFA 23? Here are the Griddy controls on controller so you can celebrate in style and pull off the move

FIFA 23 How To Do The Griddy: Mbappe can be seen running

The Griddy has become the talk of the FIFA 23 season when it comes to celebrations and moves to show off after scoring a goal. And, to help you really elevate your celebration game, we have put together this guide on how to do the Griddy in FIFA 23.

So, below you will find a walkthrough of the controller buttons you need to press to pull off the Griddy in a match. But, as with all celebrations, you won’t be able to do it whenever you like, you only have a brief moment to do the Griddy.

So, you better learn the button combination and memorise it so you can really celebrate in style after scoring that all-important clutch goal.

How to do the Griddy in FIFA 23?

To do the Griddy in FIFA 23 you need to hold down R2 (right trigger) and flick the right stick up twice after scoring a goal. Those are the PlayStation controls. On Xbox, you need to do the same, by holding down the RT button and then flicking the stick up twice. This can also only be done after scoring a goal.

That brief moment allows you to do this button combination and pull off the Griddy to celebrate your goal. This move and celebration were detailed by EA, but players also found it out after jumping in and playing.

It has been one of the biggest talking points ahead of the game’s release, so it is great to see it in the game and it not be too difficult to pull off. This isn’t no Konami code like

This is one of a number of different celebrations in FIFA 23 and it is by far the most popular one this year. So, now that you know how to do the Griddy in FIFA 23, why not take a look at our guides on other aspects of the game including the FIFA 23 soundtrack and the FIFA 23 stadiums where you can do the move?