FIFA 22 Web App release date – when is the FUT 22 Web App coming out?

Here's when you can boot up the FIFA 22 Web App to start your Ultimate Team journey

An AC Milan player runs with the ball as we his surrounded by several Chelsea players in FIFA 22

For those itching to check out new players, wanting to get a headstart with some smart trading, or simply desperate to get a lucky pull out of their starter packs, the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Web App release date is an exciting day.

Way before anyone gets their hands on the final build of the game, EA always launches the Web App and mobile Companion App, which allows FIFA 22 players to set up their Ultimate Team clubs, crack open some starter packs, and tinker away at some trading and SBCs before going full send into the new cycle.

The day the Web App goes live is one of those landmark moments in the build up to the launch of any FIFA title, and as you can expect, fans of the series are desperate to know when the FIFA 22 Web App is coming out. Here’s everything we know so far.

FIFA 22 Web App release date

The FIFA 22 Web App release date will likely be September 22. An official date is yet to be announced by EA Sports, but the Web App appears to be releasing in tandem with EA Play early access for FIFA 22, which also goes live on September 22.

During the early access, EA Play members will get a ten-hour trial of FIFA 22, during which they can kickstart their Ultimate Team journey. It would be odd for EA to not release the Web App for them to use as well.

We will update this once we receive official confirmation of a FIFA 22 Web App release date.

So that’s when we expect the FUT 22 Web App to come out. Get your trading hats on and your lucky charms out, and may the pack gods be with you. While you wait for FIFA 22 to come out, check out our list of the best PS5 games for something to fill the time.