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FIFA 22 Puzzle Master SBC solution and requirements

Here's how to complete FIFA 22's most feared and frustrating SBC, the Puzzle Master.

For those of you that love a good Squad Building Challenge in FIFA Ultimate Team, there are none more daunting and testing than Puzzle Master. This brain-bender requires a very specific group of players to complete, due to its insanely hard requirements. It is without a doubt the most frustrating SBC in FIFA 22.

Finding the solution to the Puzzle Master SBC can be difficult – especially when seven of the eleven players have to have a loyalty bonus to complete it! That means you need to have packed or played ten games with some of the players you’ll use to beat this SBC.

While there are likely a few solutions to Puzzle Master in FIFA 22, we’ve found one that contains plenty of easily-available players, which will hopefully make ticking this SBC off your FIFA 22 to-do list a whole lot easier.

FIFA 22 Puzzle Master SBC requirements

Here are the extremely hard requirements for the Puzzle Master SBC in FIFA 22:

  • Exactly 9 nationalities
  • Exactly 7 leagues
  • Maximum 3 players from the same club
  • Minimum team rating: 82
  • Minimum chemistry: 85

That’s a lot of boxes to tick, eh? Visualizing how you’re going to build this squad is difficult, but if you follow the layout of club and nation links in our solution below, you may be able to work out your own solution.

FIFA 22 Puzzle Master SBC solution

Here is our favorite solution to the Puzzle Master SBC in FIFA 22 that requires zero position changes.

A FIFA Ultimate Team squad that completes the Puzzle Master SBC

Please remember though that seven of these players will need a loyalty bonus – it is impossible to complete this SBC without it. If you’ve burned through enough packs then you may be lucky enough to have some of these in your club. If not, it may be an idea buying this team, playing ten friendly matches with it to give them the loyalty bonus, then tackling the SBC.

So there you have it, a big-brain solution to a perplexing puzzle in FIFA 22. If you’re looking for more SBC solutions, check out our FIFA 22 First XI SBC solutions guide.