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FIFA 22 preview packs – what are they and how much do they cost?

Everything you need to know about FIFA 22 preview packs in Ultimate Team.

Foden in a Man City blue kit

If you’re a long-time FIFA player, you’ll know the lure FIFA packs have when it comes to staying competitive in Ultimate Team. However, before FIFA 22, these shiny packs – which could be bought with coins or real money – had been a total gamble with their contents hidden from view until they’d been purchased. However, this changed with FIFA 22 preview packs.

Preview packs were introduced for the first time in the later stages of FIFA 21 as a trial and allowed players to see the contents of their packs prior to purchase for the first time. This was similar to the lootbox system employed in Rocket League at the time and was meant to make the system more transparent for all – something EA Sports had come under fire for before.

Clearly, EA Sports considered the trial as a success because preview packs were added to FIFA 22 for launch. These packs coexisted alongside the normal FIFA packs that hid their content from view.

What were FIFA 22 preview packs?

FIFA 22 preview packs were basically lootboxes that reduced the risk normally associated with buying FIFA packs. These special packs allowed you to take a sneak peek at its contents before you decided to buy it.

You could browse the contents of a pack by clicking preview pack in the store. After that, you had the choice of either leaving the preview without buying it or buying it with either earned FIFA coins or FIFA points.

FIFA 22 preview pack: An example of a FIFA 22 preview pack, with ten different player cards.

What FIFA 22 preview packs were available?

FIFA 22 had two preview packs available outside of the rare promo packs. These were:

  • Premium Gold Pack (24-hour timer)
  • Premium Silver Pack (24-hour timer)

This meant you were only able to see the content of two packs every day.

How much were FIFA 22 preview packs?

It was a common misconception that FIFA 22 preview packs cost more. In fact, these nifty little packs cost the same as the traditional pack. Except, unlike the normal one, you were limited to how many you could take a peek at per day.

Premium Gold Packs could be opened for 7,500 coins or 150 FIFA points. Premium Silver Packs, on the other hand, could be opened for 3,750 coins or 75 FIFA points.

FIFA 22 preview packs: Real Madrid players celebrate a goal.

Did FIFA 22 preview packs contain duplicates?

There was a risk, like all packs, that previews would contain duplicate players. However, when previewing pack contents, you won’t be told if you already have this player or not.

Since you could return to a previously previewed pack, it was a good idea to check the contents of your club before deciding whether to buy a FIFA 22 preview pack.

What if I didn’t want to buy a FIFA 22 preview pack?

The beauty of FIFA 22 preview packs was that you could choose to ignore them if they were full of SBC fodder. If your preview pack was full of rubbish and you decided to walk away, the pack remained in the store for a set period of time.

You had to wait until that countdown had expired before you could preview a new pack, however.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about FIFA 22 preview packs. If you’re looking to build your team to new heights, take a look at the cheapest high rated players in FIFA 22 as well.