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FIFA 22 patch notes - what’s in the latest FIFA 22 update?

Here are the latest FIFA 22 patch notes so you know what's going on in the field.

FIFA 22 patch notes: three Chelsea players in all-blue kits celebrate a goal in FIFAI 22

 FIFA 22 is no longer getting significant new updates.

As with any online multiplayer game, FIFA 22’s gameplay, systems, and various other features evolved a fair bit over its lifespan, and reading up on the latest FIFA 22 patch notes was important. While FIFA games were annually released, that doesn’t mean they didn’t undergo significant changes on a regular basis, and it was always good to know what would be different once an update went live.

EA Sports tended to stagger its updates for FIFA 22 – first releasing a patch on PC and Stadia versions of the game before bringing it to consoles – but the patch notes always made for interesting reading.

Here you can find a list of FIFA 22 patch notes for the most recent updates to the game, documenting all the changes EA Sports has made. From bug fixes, to skill move nerfs, to UI updates, there was plenty to keep track of – but you’re in the right place to do so.

With FIFA 22 no longer being the latest and greatest in the series, it is not supported by EA with new updates and content additions anymore. These are the patch notes from the final major update to FIFA 22.

Here are the final FIFA 22 patch notes.

FIFA 22 Title Update #17 Patch notes

Patch notes for FIFA 22 Title Update #17 are detailed below, and active on all platforms. It was the last significant update to the game.

Ultimate Team

Addressed the following issue: 

  • Addressed a stability issue that could occur when joining or leaving FUT Co-Op lobbies.

Pro Clubs

Addressed the following issue: 

  • Addressed an issue where pitch lines were not always displaying correctly in the Squad menu.

General, Audio, and Visual

Made the following changes:

  • Updated various kits.

With Title Update 17 being the last significant patch for FIFA 22, it’s no surprise that this was a smaller update than most of the patches before it, which saw balance changes and more.