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FIFA 22 adds mascots to the game

Move over Steve Bruce, the only person we want on the sidelines is the Mighty Red

FIFA 22 mascots for Spurs

Football matches are nothing without atmosphere and while Electronic Arts has done a pretty good job of replicating that in FIFA 22, it’s been clear for quite some time that something is missing. Well, with an update today, it looks like the company is set to fix that problem with the addition of FIFA 22 mascots.

That’s right, just one year on from our call to add mascots to FIFA 21, EA has only gone and done it. Today, for the first time ever, players will be able to get their hands on the official mascots for Chelsea, Dortmund, Liverpool, Man City, and Spurs.

The Moonies, the Mighty Red, Stamford and Bridget, Chirpy and Lilly, and Emma The Bee will all be available via club specific milestone objectives (of which there are five) or the FUT Stadium Store. It’s currently unclear how much these mascots will cost to redeem, but it is a welcome addition for those looking to add a little bit a flair to their ground.

While these mascots represent only a handful of the major clubs in the footballing world right now, it is pretty exciting. Will we finally see Patrick Thistle’s terrifying mascot, Kingsley, cheering on the lads from the side of your Ultimate Team pitch? What about West Brom’s Boiler Man?

Honestly, the possibilities are endless and we’re looking forward to seeing what EA brings out next to coincide with the launch of FIFA 22 Season 4.

We already know a new Future Stars promotion is on its way, which is sure to require lots of the cheap high-rated FIFA 22 players, but for us, this is already the peak of Season 4.