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The best Farming Simulator 19 mods PS4

Which FS19 PS4 mods are worth paying attention to and installing?

A farming vehicle can be seen attending to some crops.

Farming Simulator 19 is still going strong years after its release thanks to the support of mods, which allow players on console to customise their experience. FS19 mods on PS4 range from vehicles and machinery, to shelving, storage, and trailers which can be used to transport farming equipment and resources around.

Very few games on consoles support mods but Farming Simulator 19 was one of the first and has seen huge success on PS4 especially, with new mods frequently being created by community members and uploaded for everyone to use.

Here we will showcase some of the best Farming Simulator 19 mods. These are the FS19 mods you should be downloading directly to your PS4 to use on the farms you have created. Sit back, and watch them flourish with these excellent mods.

Best FS19 Mods PS4

These are our picks for the best FS19 mods on PS4 that you should be using on your farms:

Attingham Park

Attingham Park is one of the best FS19 mods on PS4. It adds the park to the game with terrain height and field sizes that correspond to real life. With its own Field and Transport missions, 47 fields, individual lighting and textures, you can’t go wrong with what is on offer.

Caffini Rider Vario Track

The Caffini Rider Vario Track is a lightweight, self-propelled sprayer that offers a max speed of 40 km/h in-game. It is a great sprayer that will be a huge benefit to anyone’s farm.

LIZARD Trex600

The LIZARD Trek600 is a great tool as it will allow you to remove trees in full with improved ease of use and adjusted cutting width to make the machine more functional on your farms. That is why it is one of the best Farming Simulator 19 mods on PS4.


The Minibrunn is a small map for small agricultural machinery lovers. Offering a 65-acre playground with a helper-friendly construction that will ensure your farm is performing to its highest standard.

The NMC 320 Excavator is pictured.

NMC 320 Excavator

The NMC 320 Excavator is a great piece of machinery that works well with the R6 Rototilt and size bucket. It is priced quite high in-game, but the benefits it offers will surely be worth it when your farm starts seeing success.


Another great FS19 mod on PS4 is the RAU Onyx. This ploughing tool includes 32 discs and is ideal for medium and large farms due to its high width and manoeuvrability.


Ravensberg is a fictitious town but is based on a Middle German landscape and is both Seasons and Maize Plus Ready. With 44 fields, 7 meadows, and 18 woodlands, there is a lot in Ravensberg to farm and it is one of the top Farming Simulator 19 mods for a reason.

Valzelli Cubex Pack

The Valzelli Cubex Pack makes it onto this list as it contains a number of slurry tanks that you can add to your farm and customise with new parts and colours.

VStRuk Revolution truck can be seen.

VStRuk Revolution

The VStRuk Revolution is a brand new truck created from scratch that has three real suspension axes and multiple animations for the exhaust pipe, fuel tank, and engine, along with a number of other impressive settings as well. The truck comes with motors at 480, 580, 650, and 1723 revs.

So, there you have it. Those are some of the best Farming Simulator 19 mods for PS4 that you can install onto your console right now. Be sure to keep checking back as we update our FS19 mods on PS4.