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Far Cry fans elect Barack Obama as series’ next villain

Looking forward to the next Far Cry game? Well, some fans think former POTUS Barack Obama would be the perfect candidate for the next game's main antagonist

Far Cry 7 Obama edit cover spoof: an image of Anton Castillo from Far Cry 6

We know Far Cry 6 hasn’t been out for too long in the grand scheme of things, but it’s time to look forward to the next game in the series, right? Always offering up slick gunplay and chaotic open worlds to explore, Ubisoft seems to have hit the nail on the head with the Far Cry series when it comes to open-world action-adventure games. However, the one thing that everyone loves and remembers about these games above all else is the villains – and it looks like there’s a new candidate for who should undertake the role of villain in Far Cry 7 after Giancarlo Esposito’s thrilling performance as Anton Castillo in Far Cry 6: Barack Obama.

Yes, that’s right… Unusually, Far Cry fans want to see Barack Obama don the mo-cap suit and be the series’ next villain.

Why do they want this and how did this all come about? Well, it was all sparked by Obama’s recent success as a Primetime Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Narrator. If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you may already know this, but Obama actually serves as the narrator for the 2022 docuseries Our Great National Parks.

Now, we can’t comment on whether or not he should have won the Emmy, but following his victory several outlets used the docuseries’ key art in posts and articles congratulating his win – and Far Cry fans think the image itself looks a lot like a Far Cry game cover.

Can you see where this is going? Using this image, which you can see for yourself below, fans of Ubisoft’s first-person action-adventure game series have whipped up mock Far Cry 7 covers featuring Obama front-and-centre.

Far Cry 7 Obama edit cover spoof: an image of a tweet congratulating Obama on his Emmy win

Featuring on the cover traditionally means that he’s the game’s main antagonist and a villain – something that has sparked some conversation online.

If you want to check out some of these Far Cry 7 edits for yourself, you can find a few of our favourites below. We know this is just scratching the surface, but it does make us wonder whether Obama has the acting chops to be a good villain in a game like Far Cry.

Far Cry 7 Obama edit cover spoof: an image of some mock-up covers for the next Far Cry game

Here are a couple more, too…

Far Cry 7 Obama edit cover spoof: some mock-up Far Cry covers with Obama

As former President of the United States of America, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, founder of an incredible non-profit organisation, part-time author, and multi-award winning narrator, we’re sure Obama has enough on his plate at the moment. However, would a Far Cry game with him in the starring role be one of the best PS5 games (or best Xbox games) out there? Yeah, we think it might be.