Make your own Nuka-Cola with the official Fallout cookbook now 35% off

Fallout: The Vault Dweller's Cookbook is now down to just $22.49 on Amazon.

Vault Boy from the front cover of Fallout: The Vault Dweller's Cookbook.

Fallout, the beloved post-apocalyptic RPG series, has been providing gamers with thrilling experiences for 24 years now. Whether it’s battling a super mutant in the desert wastelands, discovering that somebody was a synth all along, or just bonding with Dogmeat, the series has a lot to offer. It also has a lot of food, if you stop to think about it, and Fallout: The Vault Dweller’s cookbook gives you recipes for all your favourite Fallout meals. Right now, it’s available on Amazon US at 35% off, bringing the price down to $22.49.

From Nuka-Cola to BlamCo Mac & Cheese, there are a number of unique dishes in the Fallout universe. It says something about the world building abilities of the creative minds behind the series that there are entire Fallout cuisines for you to enjoy. Don’t worry though, these won’t taste they’ve lain irradiated for hundreds of years – the authors have taken the concepts and found ways to turn them into quick and easy meals for all.

The whole book has been charmingly created as if it were a cookbook within one of the Fallout games and is filled with comical Vault Boy illustrations and pictures. It also includes tongue-in-cheek references to the stat boosts that the different meals will give you. Need +1 agility for the day? Well, some YumYum Deviled Eggs will do the trick.

This is the kind of fun gift that will appeal to many Fallout fans and trying out the different recipes could be a fun activity for the Christmas break. For fans who love Fallout and cooking, this is a match made in Heaven.

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The recipes themselves are broken down into the following categories:

  • Basics: Including things like Chicken Broth and Caramel Buttercream Frosting.
  • Appetizers: Including Mirelurk Belly Croquettes, Iguana-on-a-Stick, Desert Salad and others.
  • Soups and Stews: Includes Tato Soup, Gulper Slurry, Carol’s Mystery Meat Stew, and other recipes.
  • Sides: Including InstaMash, Baked Pork n’ Beans, and Blue Cornbread Muffins, amongst others.
  • Mains: Including bigger dishes like The Captain’s Feast, Deathclaw Wellingham, and Baked Bloatfly.
  • Dessert: Sweet-tooths can enjoy recipes for things like Fruit Cream Pie, Buffout, and Tapioca Pudding.
  • Drinks: Of course, this includes Nuka-Cola, but also Fire Belly, Rot Gut, and more.

It is unclear exactly how long this deal is going to run for, so if you want to grab a copy, make sure you do so before you miss out on the discount. If you want to find more gift ideas, check out our guides on the best PS5 games and the best Xbox Series X games – they’re full of titles that deserve a spot in any gamer’s library.