Master Chief arrives in Fall Guys, but you have to buy him

Fall Guys has launched the Spartan Showdown along with five new Halo cosmetics. But in order to play as Master Chief, you'll need to open your wallet

Fall Guys Halo skins: Master Chief celebrates with the crown

Ever since Xbox debuted the Fall Guys trailer that played on the iconic Halo 3 trailer, fans have been desperate to give Spartan Showdown a go. Now the limited-time event is here and fans are frustrated that they’ll have to whip out their wallets if they want to take on the Blunderdome dressed as a Brute Chieftain.

At the time of writing, three out of the four Halo-themed skins in Fall Guys can only be unlocked through Show Bucks, Fall Guys’ premium currency. The only one that can be unlocked for free by completing the Spartan Showdown challenges is the Purrfect Helmet costume, which is essentially a pink Master Chief helmet with cat ears on it.

Players can unlock the actual Master Chief outfit for 1,200 Show Bucks, the Brute Chieftain for 800 Show Bucks, and the Grunt for 400 Show Bucks. All three costumes, plus the Grunt Panic emote (which costs 400 Show Bucks) can be picked up in a bundle for 2,400, which will set you back around $20/£16 if you buy one of the Show Bucks bundles in-game.

While newcomers to the game might not feel that aggrieved – the game is now free, after all – those who originally picked up the game for the same price are certainly feeling the pinch right now.

In previous limited-time events, the costumes for characters like Aloy, Astro Bot, and more have been available through the store for the in-game currency or unlocked via challenges.

Of course, legacy players have the chance to earn Show Bucks through the battle pass – something they have access to for free during the first season. However, those Show Bucks will also need to be used to purchase the next season’s battle pass. And, the price of these costumes means you can only pick up one from the Show Bucks earned in the battle pass (and even then you will need it almost fully ranked up).

The way in which this limited-time event has been put together has left a sour taste in the mouths of many – something the developer has come under fire for since going free-to-play.

Spartan Showdown is available now until July 5.