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Fall Guys Creative, tools, how to share levels, roadmap

Get an overview of the Fall Guys Creative tools, how to share levels, and what Mediatonic have planned down the line on PS5, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Fall Guys Creative: Multiple beans can be seen

Fall Guys Creative is finally here and it brings a suite of tools and systems to let you customise and create your own levels and then share those with friends. In fact, the mode is pretty ambitious and sits alongside other Epic creation tools like Fortnite Creative.

But, if you are jumping in again with Season 4 and wanting to experiment with everything the level editor in Fall Guys has to offer, we have a breakdown of what you can expect below. From the tools you can use to how you can share your levels with friends, you can get an idea of what to expect when you load up the level editor for the first time.

Fall Guys Creative

Fall Guys Creative is a level editor launching into Fall Guys on all platforms on May 10, 2023. It will be free for everyone and allow you to build and customise your own Fall Guys stages using the suite of development tools and systems that the developers of the game use. You can then share those stages online and play them with your friends or challenge others.

Creative has been in the works for a long time at Mediatonic and was co-developed by Wushu Studios. It marks the first big new mode or method of enjoying Fall Guys since the free-to-play launch in 2022. The team at Mediatonic dived deep into how it works in their recent announcement of the new season.

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Fall Guys Creative tools

Fall Guys Creative gives players the same toolset developers on the game use to create their own levels. So, theoretically, you can create pristine and excellent levels that are up to par with Mediatonic. But, you will need some experience to really get to grips with everything.

The tools in Fall Guys creative are:

  • Theme
  • Level size
  • Start and finish lines
  • Platforms
  • Blocks
  • Barriers
  • Moving surfaces
  • Obstacles
  • Decorations
  • Size and scale of each object
  • Object properties

Fall Guys Creative: the level editor can be seen

When you are building your levels you will have a maximum budget you can spend on objects and items in the environment. This does put a limit on how much you can build as each object has a corresponding number, which contributes to your overall budget.

This will stop some levels from becoming ridiculously long or too complex for players to complete. But, there is enough budget to really experiment and go wild with ideas the developers couldn’t have even thought were possible.

How to share levels in Fall Guys Creative

In order to share levels in Fall Guys you will need to beat your level first. From there, you can publish the level and you will be given a share code which you can publish on social media or hand out to your friends.

Fall Guys Creative: A share code screen can be seen

Fall Guys Creative roadmap

Fall Guys Creative will have tons of new additions and objects added with each new season. Mediatonic has confirmed that items added with each new season will be brought into Creative, allowing you to experiment with them.

So there you have it! That covers everything you need to know about Fall Guys Creative. If you are looking for more creation-based games, why not take a look at some of the Fortnite Creative Codes available for that game’s maps, which use its own suite of creation suite tools?