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F1 22 game crossplay - can Xbox and PlayStation owners race together?

Is F1 22 going to have crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation? We've got the latest information on cross-platform simulator racing and playing with friends

f1 22 crossplay formula 1 cars racing around circuit

F1 22 is here taking pole position at the front of the pack of other racing games. It’s the premier racing simulator for players who want to take to the world’s most famous circuits in the world’s fastest cars from the comfort of their own racing setups at home. Who needs a real F1 car when you’ve got a force feedback wheel and a racing seat anyway?

F1 22 is one of the most realistic racing games ever to be created and the adrenaline-fueled driving can also be played online, which means gathering your friends for the ultimate showdown. But, what if those friends all play on different platforms and consoles?

That’s where our F1 22 game crossplay guide comes in. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about rear-ending your pals – or random matchmakers if you so choose – as you fail to brake for the Grand Hotel Hairpin at Monaco.

F1 22 game crossplay

F1 22 does not have crossplay, but the feature is now in testing and will arrive soon. In fact, there are two separate crossplay trials coming up running from August 5-7 and August 12-14. You will be able to play the Social Race and Two-Player Career modes with friends across PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

According to senior creative director Lee Mather at Codemasters, the cause for the feature not being present at launch is because the team behind the racing simulator’s crossplay feature is located in Ukraine and development has been disrupted by the Russian invasion of the country.

Mather said the feature’s implementation is going to “take longer than expected” and that “it will be coming post-launch now. It was always planned to be earlier than that, but there were things that were outside of our control.”

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