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Is Evil West on Game Pass?

Are you wondering is Evil Dead on Game Pass? Here is what you need to know about the game and if it is releasing onto the service

Evil West Game Pass: Jesse can be seen killing some enemies

Is Evil West on Game Pass? The action-packed demon-filled shooter has captured everyone’s attention with good reviews and some fun, blood-soaked gameplay. But, if you aren’t sure if it is for you can you give it a try on Game Pass?

This article will tell you whether or not you can play the game on the service and if you can’t when you may expect to be able to. That way you can get an idea of if you can easily check out the third-person Doom-inspired action.

Is Evil West on Game Pass?

Evil West is not on Game Pass. As such, the only way to play the game is to buy it from the Microsoft Store on PC or Xbox and play the game that way.

This isn’t too surprising as not many Focus Entertainment games have come to Game Pass. We did just see A Plague Tale Requiem last month come to Game Pass, but Asobo Studio has a good relationship with Microsoft after working on Microsoft Flight Simulator, so that may have helped in that regard.

If Evil West does come to Game Pass it will likely be sometime in 2023, although there are no guarantees that it will come to the service.

So that covers everything you need to know about if Evil West is on Game Pass. For more on what you can play on the service in Evil West’s absence, check out our guide on the full Game Pass games library.