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Evil Dead The Game voice actors and cast

It’s time to grab your boomstick - Ash is back and he’s brought friends. Here’s everything you need to know about the Evil Dead The Game voice actors cast

Evil Dead The Game Voice Actors Cast: An image of Army of Darkness Ash in a burning forest

Evil Dead The Game is almost upon us and it’s time to get groovy with Ash and his boomstick. The asymmetrical action-horror from Saber Interactive is collating characters and content from all three Evil Dead movies and the Ash vs Evil Dead series, so that means there’s going to be a few faces you might recognise in and among the Kandarian Demons. If you’re wondering who-exactly is going to be joining the fight against evil, we have everything you need to know about the Evil Dead The Game voice actors cast below.

At launch, the list of Evil Dead The Game survivors boasts four versions of Ash Williams – so, chances are, you’re going to be hearing a lot of Bruce Campbell while playing. But, he isn’t the only Evil Dead actor returning to offer his talents to the Evil Dead The Game voice actors cast list. In almost every case, Saber Interactive has brought back the original actors and actresses to reprise their respective roles in-game.

This is going to make Evil Dead The Game one of the most authentically Evil Dead experiences out there – and we can’t wait. Keep reading for everything you need to know about who-exactly is going to be in the thick of the fight against the Army of Darkness.

Evil Dead The Game voice actors and cast

Below, you can find the full Evil Dead The Game voice actors and cast list, including mentions of returning actors and actresses who reprise their main roles

  • Andrew Morgado – Deadite Berserker, Deadite, Skeleton
  • Betsy Baker – Linda, Demon Narrator
  • Bruce Campbell – Ash Williams, Deadite Ash Williams, Mini Ash
  • Cissy Jones – Annie Knowby, Deadite Annie, Deadite Berserker, Deadite (not original casting)
  • Cristina Vee – Deadite Berserker, Meat Puppet, Demi-Eligos
  • Dana DeLorenzo – Kelly Maxwell, Deadite Kelly Maxwell
  • Dave B Mitchell – Henry The Red, Deadite Arthur, Skeleton, Meat Puppet (not original casting)
  • Dino Andrade – Demi-Eligos, Skeleton, Deadite Berserker
  • Ellen Sandweiss – Cheryl Williams, Deadite Cheryl 
  • Fred Tatasciore – Henrietta, Deadite Berserker, Skeleton
  • Hal Delrich – Scotty, Deadite Scotty
  • Jim Pirri – Professor Knowby, Deadite, Skeleton
  • Jon Bailey – Ed Getley, Deadite Ed, Deadite Elite, Skeleton (not original casting)
  • Kellen Goff – Deadite, Eligos, Demi-Eligos
  • Kimberly Brooks – Amanda Fisher, Deadite Amanda Fisher, Deadite, Meat Puppet (not original casting)
  • Krizia Bajos – Little Lori, Deadite Berserker, Demi-Eligos (not original casting)
  • Nick Murdoch – Skeleton Elite, Deadite Berkserker, Demi-Eligos
  • Piotr Michael – Lord Arthur, Deadite Arthur, Sewer Deadite, Baal (not original casting)
  • Ray Santiago – Pablo Simon Bolivar, Deadite Pablo Simon Bolivar 
  • Theresa Tilly – Shelly, Tanya

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