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Evil Dead game length - how long to beat the single-player missions

Playing Evil Dead The Game and curious about the length of the solo missions? Here is how long to beat the Evil Dead game and the length of the missions

Evil Dead Game Length: Ash and other characters can be seen in key art for the game

Evil Dead The Game is mostly a multiplayer game, focused on PvP matches as Demons and Survivors fight it out to win. However, there is a small single-player portion of the game you can experience alone. But how long does it take to beat the missions in the Evil Dead game and what is their length?

So, while yes, you can play Evil Dead The Game solo in these missions or with bots, you shouldn’t consider these missions to be equivalent to a full single-player campaign. They are more of an extra mode for players to play that recreates moments from the franchise’s past and let players get to grip with the mechanics of the game. And, as such the length of them doesn’t reflect that of a full campaign.

So, what is the Evil Dead game length and how long does it take to beat the single-player missions?

Evil Dead game length

The length of the Evil Dead game is about 2 hours – 2 and a half hours for the five main single-player missions.

These missions take about 20-35 minutes to complete based on your skill level and familiarity with the combat as fights can be hard at points in the later missions.

The menu does say that more missions are coming soon, so it seems like Saber Interactive will be adding more to the game, and extending its length over the coming months. Of course, you can’t put a length on the multiplayer portion of the game, as you can play it for as long or as little as you like.

That covers the length and how long to beat the Evil Dead game’s single-player missions. For more on the game, check out our rundown of the Evil Dead game mission rewards and more in our collection of Evil Dead gameplay tips.